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If this post rubs anyone the wrong way, I apologize in advance. This is my only venue to vent my frustrations so bare with me for awhile...

Let's start with the fucked up stares that I've been getting lately. My wife Ann says that it's been going on for a long time. The thing is, I've been the sort that doesn't give a fuck about who looks at my tattoos or who sizes me up. But recently, it irritates the shit outta me. Is there something wrong with a tattooed guy pushing a stroller?! Or do I look like I can't afford this stroller that I worked so hard for? Seriously man, it fucking bugs me!

We were at a coffeeshop in Toa Payoh on Thursday having a drink after a long day. This old hag sitting at the next table kept turning around and looking at me. Each time she did that, she had this F' up look on her face. It was after the third or forth time she turned that I lost it. I looked at her and asked "what the fuck?". Needless to say, she stopped staring...

Today, I had to show the middle finger to this tai-tai at Thomson Plaza and raise my voice at an operator. That just ain't cool...

I appreaciate people that come up to chit chat. I have all the time in the world for that. We can talk about my son, tattoos, life, etc... I just can't stand people that judge. I don't judge people because when I look at myself, I go "oh fuck". It's the truth and there's no shame in saying that.

I figure that after awhile everyone gets tired of bullshit. I am tired of poor service, feeling that I don't belong in Singapore when I visit a coffeeshop that employs China nationals that can't speak english, idiots that are self centered, the list can go on and on my friends...

While I'm in this mood, a whole lot more people are gonna get fucked up the arse. Thanks for listening though. Hope it wasn't a bore. Later folks!


  1. Yup I agree with you bro..I've got no choice myself coz my company gives me foreigners as well. Not all are bad though. And for people who judge you..SCREW THEM!! I know how is it like coz working in the service industry, people think we are a lower form of life. Suprisingly it comes from those office workers who are employees themselves. To me..well at least I know I earn better than them & they don't have the charima to work in this kudos to u telling them off..give the man a Tiger!!

  2. i feel you. especially after 12 hours at work. i so feel you. i hate singaporeans. seriously. the rare nice ones are already my friends. haha. riiiight. no but seriously. singaporeans are rude mofos! i can't stand it. and yes, absolutely SHALLOW JUDGEMENTAL FOLK!

  3. I feel for you too dude.

    Whenever I'm in Singapore or any Asian country for that matter, if I'm with Bruce, people will look at me like I'm an SPG. I distinctly remember this older woman giving me dagger eyes while we were simply queueing for cookies at Famous Amos.

    Actually come to think about it, Asian countries aren't the only guilty parties when it comes to being judgemental.

    I used to do sales calls with my MD, who's an older British gentleman. And we used to drive from one client to another in his BMW Z3. Very often, as we drove down the main road in the Perth CBD, people would first stare at the car, then do a double take looking at its passengers. hehehe.

  4. if you think people sizing you up is annoying, you have noooooo idea what i have to deal with on my side.

    people always conclude that i am a single teenage mom. an unwed mother.

    i don't get taken seriously in baby stores, nor do other mommies attempt to make conversation with me in nursing rooms.

    and the looks i get from the public when i am out on my own with dray are aggravating! its either a pathetic attempt to show they feel sorry for me, that i am so young and doing it all on my own, or a judgmental "tsk-tsk-see-lah-you-shlould-have-been-careful-with-premarital-sex-and-i-bet-you-regret-it-now" look.

    the wedding band and this solitaire ring does nothing to indicate to them that i am happily married, thank you very much.

    that's it. i'm making a sign to hang around my neck that reads:




  5. to crazyrazormonkey: I agree. You meet some nice foreigners. I just don't understand companies that hire foreigners for the sake of saving money. I had two colleagues from China when I was working in Bar None. They were awesome staff for the company and we could communicate.

    But when I go to the coffeeshop and I can't order what I want because of a PRC, it pisses me off!

    It's already bad enough that some races feel small in this country. Now, it's getting worse...

    I've got all the respect in the world for the folks in the service industry. You won't know the shit these guys get every fucking day. You deserve the 'Tiger' bro!

    to Shyanne: Hahaha...I'm gonna steal your friend. Nah, just kidding. I don't fucking understand Singaporeans anymore. We have an awesome country. The people just suck!

    to Starryluvly: I guess it's all over huh? What I can't stand is the rudeness. Many can't queue, smile, clear their trays at fast food joints, etc...

    You know babe, fuck what they think. You're happy with Bruce and that's all that matters!!!

    to Yummy Mummy: I know baby! I'm sorry you have to go through that all the freaking time.

    I thought the solitaire ring was big enough. Guess I was wrong huh? But, you ain't getting another! Heee...

  6. Dude, dat definitely sucks but, u really shuldnt haf reacted bac 2 them like dat. understnd u were fedup but in the future, try 2 endure.

    cos dis way, those f*ckers will juz thnk worse of us peeps with ink. sigh... sadly, dis is still the kind of stigma dat carries wif pple havin ink.

  7. Yea, that's what my wife said too. I've got anger management issues man. I'll try to do better the next time round :)

  8. 4 some1 like u whose heavily tattooed.... u prolly get your fair share of sh!t. but do endure it nxt time & DONT stoop 2 thier level. u can do it..heh. cheers :)

  9. I know bro. I'm probably giving them what they want. Next time round, these morons will be invisible. Heh!

  10. yeah...Dade's right. you blowing your top and lashing back at them will just reinforce their belief that tattooed folks are hooligans, rude and uncouth.

    we have to shock them with good manners, a smile and being friendly. and show it to them, we're not the gangsters they deduced us to be!


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