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I finally had balls to watch Shutter this morning. To everyone that has told me that Shutter 'the Thai version' is scary, you guys are liars!!!! Shutter isn't scary! It's horrifying! In my language, it's MOTHER FUCKING SCARY!!!

I'm gonna change the name of this movie. From this on end, it will officially be known as Shatted. I swear that I could have shat in my pants!

Halfway through the movie, I was thinking to myself, this movie ain't scary. But boy was I wrong. Just when I thought the scene where the monks are praying for Natre was the ending bit of the movie, it was just the beginning of my shitting in me pants saga. Now I can't go to the toilet without scanning every inch of my house. When I'm in the toilet, I keep turning around to make sure there isn't anything behind me. Jesus Christ!

All in all, this movie is bloody (no pun intended) good. I love the ending though. The unexpected is sometimes pleasant. If you haven't watched this movie and you don't mind risking a heart attack or shitting in your pants, go rent it now!


  1. OMG Noel! You are sooo funny.
    I saw that movie eons ago and yes, it's one of the scariest movies i've ever watched (tho'i didn't really shit or pee in my pants :S).
    Hey, if you want to be scared even more, maybe you and Ann would wanna take a listen to this programme on 89.7 every weekday from 12 mn to 2 am (it's in Malay).Usually, listeners will sms or email their ghost stories and sometimes they have audio recordings of haunted places and I tell you...i'd scream at my hubby if he dares fall asleep and let me listen it alone.
    Wait till i tell you what my hubby experienced during his NS days...

  2. don wan lah rat...i will have to translate every goddamned word to him, it'll just kill the story! =p

    and oh noel, no wonder you went to the toilet immediately after the movie ended. now i know why!

    shat much? =)

  3. hi ann & noel,

    glad u watched Shutter. shiok ah with that "thing" on his back? so the next time u feel some back pain, think abt this ok noel????

    btw, another "scary" movie u might wanna check out is The Ghost Game (or something like that). also in Thai, abt some reality game show in some island that was once used for some mass killing/suicide...

  4. to ratnah: I think Shutter will be as far as I go. It's time I go back to comedies and war movies. It ain't funny to be scared to go to the loo at this age!!!

    I've heard about this malay radio show. How do the deejay's work through the shift? If I were them, I'll sleep in the studio till morning breaks... :(

    to yummy mummy: I'LL DEAL WITH YOU LATER!!

    to Atot: Damn it!!! Don't say that babe! That's too freaky to even think about!!!!

    No more ghost movies for me. You know, you outta think about the swing @ sembawang before you sleep tonight. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. muahahhahahahahahhaa...ha? ha? ha?

  6. eeee... ok scary. haha i am gutless and ball-less...

    all the best for ur crab war tmrw!


  7. Remy, hope you're feeling macho after your girly badminton session! Play tennis or something la bro!

  8. but ananda everingham is the hottest! i want to marry him!

  9. I didn't hear you scream, can't be THAT scary! hahahaha

  10. That's why I like Wiki-ing horror movies.

    You know the ending!

  11. Remy:
    sprained your wrist not, playing badminton.
    you and noel can hang out together lah...SOFTIES! =)

    beginning of the movie, i told noel, this ananda dude acted with li-lin in leap years. he was like "oh ok"..

    THEN. 3/4 into the movie...he got all excited, and was like "EH! I've seen this guy in some other movies as well! he acted in that movie with wong li lin right?"

    macam he made some great discovery!

    and i was like, "idiot, thats what i said 45mins ago!!!"


    errr...he's not much of a screamer lah... he just acts like a toughie...never cover eyes all...
    like so brave, you know!

    but he's actually shaking in his panties!

    like i said, Noel.
    SHAT MUCH???


    Ghost Game eh?
    we'll check it out the next time we drop by Video Ezy!


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