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Chris Brown and Chris Jericho

Both these Chris's have made the news over the last few days. Unfortunately, the made the news for all the wrong reasons. Incidentally, both have been accused of hitting a woman. Let's start with Chris Brown...

What the hell was this boy thinking? Couples argue all the time but to hit a woman?! That ain't right my friends. Reports have it that Rihanna (real name: Robyn Rihanna Fenty) suffered major contusions on both sides of her face, a split lip and a bloody nose. There are reported bite marks too. It remains to be seen if Brown suffered any injuries.

Both these talented artists missed the Grammy's last night. If they had performed as planned, they would have stole the show (especially Rihanna) and made decent news. Instead, they made the news for all the wrong reasons...

Now on to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Chris Jericho. Jericho is indeed one of WWE's hottest stars. This man gets tremendous heat for the persona that he plays on their weekly live show Raw. He is the second best heel next to Randy Orton.

The question is, can fans differentiate between what goes on on television and real life? Imagine hating Jack Nicholson for the role he played in The Shining. Dumb ain't it?

Anyhow, here is the rundown of the incident that involved Chris Jericho...
WWE superstar Chris Jericho was involved in a crazy, expletive-filled mini-brawl with fans yesterday ... and one of the people involved was a woman.

It all went down after a WWE event at the Save-On Foods Memorial Centre in Victoria, BC -- an angry crowd began heckling Chris Jericho as he was driving out of the parking lot. When Jericho stared down a female fan, that's when things got violent...

In the video, it appears she spit on the wrestler -- Jericho flipped out and the woman was knocked to the ground. At that point, one of the dudes in the crowd rushes in to attack Chris.

Jericho managed to shove that guy away -- and others who got close. During the melee, Chris can be heard screaming at security to "do your f***ing job." Finally, security tackled one of the men to the ground and Chris was able to get in his ride and take off.


In my opinion, Jericho was just protecting himself. It was ONE man versus a MOB. Nobody deserves to be disrespected. Some would argue that he should have just stayed in the freaking car. I reckon that's something he would be wishing too!


  1. agreed. no matter how angry we get coz of the woman, we guys should never physically abuse them. it's just wrong. wrong. wrong.

    on a lighter note, i think Orton, Edge and Jericho are 3 of the best performers in WWE at the moment. Orton is getting better with his mike skills as well. ha! and his new sleeves? kick-ass man! but i have no idea what is on them. haha


  2. dude u watched The Wrestler? u can catch it here

  3. to jona-tat.2: Exactly bro! I'm with you on the 3 best performers. Orton is becoming better by the week.

    I reckon Orton has some demons on his sleeve. Will post pictures soon. Heee...

    to remy: Erm...that's illegal right? doo dee doo...


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