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Three and counting,,,

It's been rather difficult to blog the past week. It's like I've got nothing worth mentioning here. The global financial crisis sucks big time! The fucked up thing is it's gonna get worse. Quite often, I hear people remark that it's awesome to be your own boss. I think it's safe to say at this point that it's better to be employed. At least you'll get an assured amount every month.

I'm airbrushing at three events this week. Tuesday and Wednesday are private events and Saturday is an event at Zouk. I've only been to Zouk twice and both times were work related. Anyhow, I'll promo the event at Zouk in the coming days...

On Saturday, we went to the most fantastic wedding. The wedding couple deserve each other and I'm glad they've found happiness. Love is a beautiful thing and Saturday was exactly that. If the two of ya'll are reading this, congratulations once again and welcome to the club!

My son Drayden turns 10 months in 4 days. My little man is growing fast. He's got 3 teeth and the forth looks set to pop any time soon. We're guessing that Dray would have 6 teeth by his one year birthday party. I can't wait!

I'm gonna try to sleep. Later folks!

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