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Bloody Irritating!

She wins the Irritant of the Month! I know there's still 16 days to go before February. I'm darn sure I won't find anyone more irritating than Tatiana Del Toro. She cries at every damn thing and need I mention she is an attention seeking, over-the-top drama queen?!


  1. i agree...

    i switched channel when she's aired. i feel embarrassed for her. -_-
    and worst, she's one of the 36 selected, right?
    can expect more annoying and irritating antics from her *sigh*.


    btw, happy friendship day noel!

  2. See! I ain't the only one that's irritated with this fool!!

    I reckon they'll keep her in for a good number of episodes just so viewers would tune in to see if she got kicked out.

    I hear Singapore Idol is returning...I sure hope that isn't true...

    It's friendship day today? Wow! Happy friendship day Ratnah!!!


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