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Weekly Columns & Posts for 2009

Mondays: Tattoo Shopping!
What better way to banish your Monday Blues than to shop? Well, that's what an ex-girlfriend used to say. If she's right, you'll love the tattoo theme products that will grace this blog!

Wednesday: Inkedividual
Yep, Inkedividual is making it's return. I'm thinking of trademarking Inkedividual soon. It's original that's why! Anyhow, look out for some very cool folks with ink of course!

Thursday: Rate This Ink
I'm torn about carrying on Rate This Ink Singapore. Quite frankly, I thought that by now, artists would be sending in their work for this post. You know, it's tiring to be ignored. Well, Rate This Ink will probably be returning to it's old international self. We shall see...

Friday: SLANG
I reckon Miss Shyanne will be happy to know that SLANG isn't going anywhere! Friday shall officially be the day where we all learn a new curse word!

Saturday: Tattoo Education
I figured that it'll be better if I changed the layout of this weekly post. If you can remember, it started as a weekly post and then it changed to a monthly thing. Now, it's been changed again. Oh lord!!! This time around, Tattoo Education will have short tattoo facts grace it's post. Someone once told me that we should learn bit by bit. That's probably the reason why I failed my O' levels! Heh!

I'll still be blogging as usual (how can I not?) and posts such as Coffeeshop Talk and Idiot of the Day will still be around. Hellalujah baby Hellalujah!


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