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a look back at 2008

A look back at 2008

Sometime in January: Edison Chen's naughty pics hit the net!
The world saw Cecillia Cheung, Bobo Chan, Gillian and four other chicks doing the dirty with Edison. The only people that truly liked the pics were weirdos that dig unshaven women. Totally gross!

22 January: I GOT MARRIED!!

27 February: Where the fuck is Mas Selamat?
That was the question and it STILL IS a question! Terrorist Mas Selamat bin Kastari escaped from a detention center at Whitley Road. The search for Mas Selamat was the biggest manhunt in Singapore's history. Yet, we couldn't find the bastard!

13 April: Baby Drayden Rhys-Cruz Boyd is born!

12th May: Sichuan Earthquake
This is the nineteenth deadliest earthquake of all time! Sadly, the earthquake killed at least 69,000 people. Official figures state that 374,176 were injured, 18,222 listed as missing and 4.8 million people were left homeless.

2nd September: State of emergency declared in Bangkok, Thailand.

28th September: The First Ever F1 Night Race
A small part of Singapore turned into a race track for the Formula One race. The first ever night race in the history of Formula One was a delight to watch. The race also showed the world that Singapore isn't just a tiny dot on the map!

9th August: Comedian Bernie Mac passed away at the age of 51.

4th November: A change comes to America
Barack Obama wins!

14th November: I had no choice but to turn 30. Crap!

25th November: State of emergency declared again in Bangkok

26th November: Terrorists attack Mumbai, India

28th November: News we didn't want to hear...
It was something many of us dreaded. Singaporean Lo Hoei Yen was killed in the Mumbai siege.

27th December: Israel blasts Gaza
Israel declared an all-out war against the Hamas. The Israeli attack has killed at least 360 Palestinians and wounded no less than 1,690. I'll also like to add that innocent civilians have been killed by the Israeli bombardment. The UN have said that they can confirm that 21 children have died. Wars should stop. Period!

See ya'll next year!


  1. i don't dig hairy chicks... but darn i wouldn't mind banging those hotties!

    -M*****r (haha... protect identity)

  2. to Anonymous: Hahaha...honest enough...hmm, I went through my phone and I don't have any friends with names starting with M and ending with R :(

    to Victoria: Happy New Year and best wishes for 09!

  3. hahaha! now why would Munster say something like that?!


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