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A Secret Worth Sharing

I know there are many of us that aren't happy with our jobs and lives. Personally, I don't think anyone can ever be contented. It's human nature to always want more. That's how the rich get richer. It doesn't happen over night and it rarely happens to the lucky. The rich work extremely hard to get where they are today. The not so clever ones are the folks that lose their wealth.

The purpose of this post is to recommend a movie that could very well transform your life. Earlier this year, a good friend of mine got me to sit down and watch 'The Secret'. If you haven't already heard about The Secret, I ask that you google it right after you are done with this blog.

To summarize what I think about The Secret, it is literally mind blowing! Everything made bloody sense! Right from that second, I began implementing everything I learnt bit by bit. It took weeks to get adjusted but it did eventually happen. 2008 is testament that The Secret did me wonders.

For added measure, let's talk about the friend that showed me the video. He was on the verge of losing his business. In fact, through the eyes of everyone that was out to bring him down, he had already lost his business. But he watched this video and it inspired him. He fought a battle which he'll remember for a lifetime! The important thing is that he WON and he got his restaurant back.

So folks, if I have convinced you to watch The Secret, I want you to get your hands on it. Go buy it, rent it, borrow or steal if you have to! It's available online too. If you do want the link, drop me an email @


  1. hi noel,

    when i was suffering quite badly in my depression. one of my colleagues burnt a dvd of it for me. It's a good show... haha but sometimes i forget to apply it.

    but i believe our minds are really v powerful...


  2. At least you've watched it babe. Now all you gotta do is think positive. That's the most important part.

    And yeah, our minds are more powerful than we think =)

  3. sounds goods..i think i will check it out.. btw still waiting for the crabbing... crabs.. drool

  4. What kinda style do you like? Black pepper, salted egg, steam, etc...

  5. style:- is this meant for me.. hehehe if yes then all style be great.. yummmy...(reminds me of yummy mummy)regards to ann n lil dray


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