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Suvarnabhumi Airport Closed

My my...the situation in Thailand seems to be getting worse. What happened to the Land of Smiles?! For what it's worth, Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has urged Singaporeans to postpone their travel to Bangkok to a later date if they have no pressing need to go there.

I've got friends who are supposed to leave for Bangkok tomorrow. Recent checks with the Changi Airport's online flight information shows that flights to Bangkok tomorrow haven't been cancelled yet. In fact, major airlines are still offering seats for flights. I guess there still is hope.

You know, I truly do love Thailand. It's a beautiful country. In my opinon, the people of Thailand should do all they can to preserve the image of their country. I know they aren't happy with the political scene. But isn't there another way to resolve matters?

I'm just wondering here. Why hasn't the police or the army stormed the airport to maintain law and order? In many other countries, Singapore included, the protesters would have been arrested. The riot police would have been called in complete with batons, rubber bullets, shields, tear gas and water cannons. That's a lethal mix that would disperse any group of protesters.

I'm not up for people getting hurt. But in some scenarios, it is important to get the police involved. Nobody wants the situation to get worse right? What do you call gunshots, grenade attacks and bombs? A bloody disaster if you ask me...

What would you do? Would you travel to Thailand tomorrow if the airport is reopened? Would a new Prime Minister solve the problem?


  1. I don't know much about what exactly is going on but I was very sad to hear about it too.

    I fell in love with Thailand this year after a short getaway to Krabi. It sucks that their tourist industry is gonna be affected by what's going on.

    That said, I must say I was quite (plesantly) surprised to hear that the protestors were handing out food to people at the airport.

  2. Oh man babe, I love Krabi! It's such a beautiful place. The last time I was there, the people were awesome and the seafood was amazing.

    These protesters don't understand the harm they are doing to the country they love. It's a shame...

    Well, the Thais are good people. They are well mannered by nature. Unless provoked of course. My only hope is that this saga ends peacefully...


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