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Wassup Asia?!


What the hell is happening to Asia? Yesterday, I blogged about the situation in the Land of Smiles. True enough, my friends didn't make it to Bangkok. All the flights have been cancelled thanks to the morons that have taken over Suvarnabhumi Airport. It's a bloody shame don't you think? They were so looking forward to the trip. The latest reports coming out from Thailand indicates that the government will declare a state of emergency in a few hours at best.

Today, I woke up to watch the horrible scenes in Mumbai. Here's another place in Asia that I love. In fact, I was at the Taj Mahal hotel last year. This old beuty is a landmark in India. I had lunch with my then MD and a good couple of beers amid a set-up that's meant for royalties. At the Taj, they treat their guests like kings. Anyhow, the Taj Mahal was one of many hotels that were attacked by terrorists. I've got good things to say about the Oberoi Hotel too...

Over a hundred people have been reported dead and hundreds have been wounded. Among the many hostages that the terrorists have trapped is a Singaporean woman. Our very own national folks. I pray that she returns home safe and sound. Let's not forget the Americans, Brits, Jews and other foreigners that have been taken hostage.

It's just terrible to watch the news when all this is happening so close to home. It's a reminder of how screwed up this world is becoming. I worry about what my son has to go through when he reaches my age.

Is it not safe to go on a holiday or business trip anymore?


  1. thats why im gonna be a farmer[not those farmers that kill the earth type farmers]. grow some veggies and chilli padi.. and take care of animals.

  2. may god bless all the hostages and may they return home safe.

  3. We have too many idiots in this world don't you think? The innocent are always suffering. Sad to say, the suffering will never stop!

  4. to Maryfairy.: That sounds cool! I'll love to have my very own little farm too. I'll grow lots of mushrooms =)

    to Anonymous: Amen to that!

    to Anonymous: I totally agree! It's really unfortunate!


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