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So the war ends...

Oh man, I'm finally in bed! I've been thinking about my bed ever since I got back home. Today was one heck of a day. It rained and then it was hot, it rained again and guess what? Yep, it was hot again...

The new net I bought seems to be really good. We've been catching sunflower crabs all this while. But the new net got us 2 kick ass mud crabs. Mud crabs are the type you get at Chinese restaurants.

Together with those two mud crabs, we got 7 sunflower crabs. It ain't spectacular but I think we did alright. Considering it was low tide for a good hour and a half when we got there.

Bottle Tree Restaurant @ Sembawang

Sunset @ Sembawang Beach

Rainbow! Rainbow! Rainbow!

I'm gonna catch Friends on Star World. Have a good morning and I'll see you back here later today!

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