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Nick Lim from Charlotte Tattoo.Makeup.Hair


  1. interesting.... neva c dat shop at sunshine b4 dunno y.... lol

    quite a duo

  2. I think it's been opened for a year or so. Nick is a super nice guy. He's got to stop working out so much though. I'm tiny next to him!

    Heh, what tattoo did Yus do for you?

  3. Nick Lim is a fucking awesome guy, very professional and courteous to every of his clients.

    I would highly recommend him

  4. I got my full sleeve and chest done by Nick Lim. I am totally satisfied with his work! I get good comments everywhere I go! Awesome man!
    You have a fantastic blog Noel!

  5. Thanks Billy! It's a nice to get compliments huh? I'm always telling people to go to outstanding artists. It's worth every cent. What is your full sleeve made up of?


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