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I love Mondays and Tuesdays

Hey all! How has your Monday been? Unlike many people, I love Mondays and Tuesdays. It's my off days and it gives me a chance to spend time with Ann, Dray and me mom and dad. Drayden is such a beautiful baby. I'm absolutely delighted that he started saying Pa Pa.

Tomorrow, I'm going crabbing with Vik. It's gonna be an awesome afternoon. Nothing beats having a cold beer by the beach. The last time round, we caught 12 crabs. I hope we'll catch more tomorrow. The more the merrier right? Yum Yum...

The past week, I did 3 airbrush tattoos that I'm pretty happy with...

It's time I prepare something to eat. I'm so hungry that I can't think straight. I'm craving for lasagne actually. But that's too much of a bitch to prepare. Anyhow, I'll post again tomorrow. Take good care and love to all.

- Noel Boyd.


  1. The middle dragon (done on calf)looks great

  2. Thanks babe. It's actually on the forearm. =)

  3. heh....i wuz gonna get a real 1 soon tho but i might get 1 on my neck 4 the hell of it! works on the neck too right? LOL

  4. You are? Where are you getting inked at? Need recommendations?

    Hmm...airbrush tatts don't last that long on the neck. But, it's for fun anyway right?

  5. i wuz gonna go 2 sacred needles probably.... its either dat or EMN at AMK.... yeah

    haha doesnt last long on the neck? heh wuld look fierce still... until 2 day i can get a job w/o caring abt appearances... i'd gte my neck inked heh... later~

  6. If you go to Sacred Needles, I'll introduce you to either Jerry or Yus. They are around the corner from my work place.

    So yeah, you can get an airbrush tatt on the next and swing by Sacred Needles for a good old tattoo.

    Sounds like a plan? I sure think so!!!

  7. well...i'm cool wif doing it at EZ tattoo also... heh.. anyway 2mo i m gonna go down 2 fix up an appointment. i'll walk ard.... if u r at the shop 2mo, i'll regconise cheers & out~

  8. Why Why WHY??? I'm out doing an event tomorrow! Come by Wednesday or something babe.

    But if you do drop by EZ or Sacred Needles, tell them you're my friend aite.

    Ok ok...see ya soon Dade!

  9. heh... sry didnt c ur latest reply. i got it at sacred alrdy by Yus... cos only 2day i m free gotto work rest of the wk....anyhow, it turned out great :)

    dun worry nxt time i go far east mabbe i can go find u & haf a smoke or sthng.... bye 4 now, dude~

  10. Oh ok...what did you get? Aite, we'll go for a smoke the next time you're at Far East =)


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