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The local tattoo community is buzzing like never before. It's awesome I tell you! If you're ever in Orchard Road, look around and there's an 80% chance that you'll spot some ink. It might be a fairy on a girl's shoulder or a full sleeve on some dude. Look harder and you might just see a facial tatt!

There's even a tattoo influenced magazine that was launched not too long ago. It's called and it's available at all cool joints. Check them out for yourself at Online.

Also, there's a tattoo convention that's happening next year right here in sunny Singapore. Household names such as Paul Booth, Chris Garver, Robert Hernandez and Bob Tyrrell will be in Singapore doing what they do best. If foreign isn't your cup of tea, rest assured that most of the tattoo shops/studios in Singapore will have their own individual booths.

So if you've been thinking of getting a tattoo for the longest time, the Singapore Tattoo Show 2009 would be the place you'd wanna be at. Hop from booth to booth and look at the many artist portfolios.

Anyhow, check out the first ever Singapore Tattoo Show webby @ before you leave my blog aite!

So yeah, there's a buzz going on alright. Things can only get better from here. If you're a tattoo lover like myself, you outta join Singapore's tattoo community on Facebook. The Munster, Jona-tat.2, Yasser and Amanda will welcome you with open arms. Click here to make your way to the Singapore Tattoo Club.

I'm outta here. Have a tattoolicious weekend ya'll!

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