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Oh Crab!

Here's a quick post before I pass out from exhaustion. Today's crabbing session was alright. It rained a good hour and a half we were there. I reckon we crabbed a good five hours and we returned home with fifteen lovely crabs.

I prepared 'ketam lemak cili padi' (crabs in coconut milk gravy) for the family...

One of the things I love about this spot in Sembawang is the clear view of our air force patrols...

I'm heading to dreamland. Nights and sweet dreams...


  1. So how many of those crabs were given by the skinny manjens? heheheh

  2. They gave us 5 medium sized ones and 4 too small to eat crabs. Nice guys man...

  3. what i would give just for a little taste of some local food man...dammit! haha!

  4. that was sweet of them..and vik had the cheek to call them names! tsk tsk..

  5. to jona_tat.2:'ll be back very very soon. Once you're back, make sure you stuff yourself silly!

    to missbitchalot: He did? These guys were really nice. They shared their bait, crabs and helluva lot of tips. Ya know, most of the other guys we meet while fishing don't give a rats ass about anyone else. These two bengs were pretty darn cool!

  6. He did, the ungrateful brat! He even damned them to hell cos they caught more than you initially!

    Something tells me the starfish was a wee bit bitter! Heheh but they ended up being real nice dudes!

    So we be expecting to see more crabs next week!

  7. Yummy looking crabs! Cooked my favourite way too!! Now I want to learn how to go crabbing too. (although knowing my luck, I'll probably end up with half my arm shredded to pieces)

  8. to missbitchalot: Eh? Starfish?? I look forward to seeing my new beng friends very soon. Next crabbing trip will be two weeks from now..

    to ~*Starryluvly*~: Come join us! You don't need skills to crab. It's fun and it's cheap. How?

  9. Sounds like fun! Problem is that I'm in Perth so it won't be cheap for me to fly to Singapore just to go crabbing. hehehe

    Maybe when I'm back in Jan :)

  10. Heeee...sounds like a plan! You'll do the cooking right?


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