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Thank god my hangover is long gone! I wanted to blog yesterday but you know how hangovers are right? You feel retarded all day. The only thing you can do is to sleep, sleep and sleep! And with every hangover I get, I either tell myself that I'm gonna quit drinking or I'll drink lesser the next time. But we all know that's not gonna happen!

I've been thinking lots about having my own food business. I came to the conclusion that I want to have my own little restaurant by the age of 35. Preferably an outdoor restaurant that serves kick-ass western food. The thing about restaurants is the food has to be kick-ass. If not, why open a damn restaurant??! I can easily close my eyes and picture how the restaurant will look. You know what? It looks fucking awesome mate!

Singaporeans love food. I love food. I think it'll be a perfect match if the location and ambiance is right. Singaporeans will travel almost anywhere to eat good food. at the right price. Take Sunset Bar & Grill for example. It's nested deep within Seletar Camp (located @ the Youth Flying Club). It's a bloody hard place to find if you're going there for the first time. I've been there more than 5 times yet I still get lost! But when you do find the restaurant, it's worth the hassle. Jerry is an awesome restaurateur and his food is to die for!

All this talk about food has got me hungry! I'm going to the nearby hawker centre for bak kut teh (yummy pork ribs & intestines with herbal soup). Aite, I'll post again later in the day...


  1. I can supply the cakes for dessert at your food place... ;)


  2. i've always wanted my own restaurant too. sigh.

    and i'm still so absolutely tickled by bukkake. so that's what it is!! haha. i told the bf and he has no clue.

  3. yo Noel. its a goody idea. since u already have a passion for food. well u and your other half love to cook any ways. All the better. so whats ur menu???? me hungry already

  4. to shyanne:'s famous with the Japanese porn industry. Some guys find it hot. I think it's rather disturbing! Facial cum shots are sexy in a way. But having half a dozen or more guys cum on a gal's face isn't my cup of tea...

    Hmm...what kinda restaurant would you open?

    to nekobus: My my...I haven't seen you here for a bloody long time. HELLOOOOOO SWEETZ!

    Well, it'll likely be a western grill joint. That has its own little bar with 4 beer taps. Beer and ribs are awesome together!

    Are you back in Singapore?


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