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Daddy, Drayden & Mommy

After delivering Ann's StubbornSnails cake to Tampines, we went to the Budget Terminal for dinner cum supper. Ann saw this photo taking booth tucked at the end of the airport. I sure am glad she did. The photos are awesome! It's cheaper than going to a studio for a family portrait. In Singapore, cheap is always good. Am I right my fellow Singaporeans?

anyhow, here are the pictures...


  1. Cheap is good but free is the best!!!

    For once, your son is not frowning! Hahaha...

  2. thats cos its not MY MOBILE PHONE in front of his face so he was caught unawares! lol.....

  3. That's because he saw two good looking people on the photo booth screen (Ann and I of course)!!!!!

  4. this pictures are damn nice dude!!!! really good! and Dray looks so damn cute i wanna pinch his face!!!!


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