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Bishan is Active

For the first time in many weeks, yours truly has had more than ten hours of sleep. I'm recharged and feeling all so good.

Yesterday, The Tattoo Boutique was at the grand opening of Bishan Active, a S$1.8 million sports hub. I airbrushed for a good four hours and was relieved when we finally saw the last heartlander at 2pm. Events are a hell lotta fun and it's definitely more money than I can make in a single day at the tattoo shop.

Speaking of the Tattoo Boutique, I've uploaded a new website which I hope is better than the last one. I've removed certain elements of the site because there are some idiots that don't have the brains to come up with something unique and orginal. You can't expect more from idiots right? It does say a lot when people who have been in the market longer have to resort to stealing your work. I knew I was good. But I didn't know I was this good. Heh!

I did an airbrush piece at the shop which I'm very happy with. Sure it can be better but I'm contented for now. Ahhhh....

I'm beginning to miss the events industry. When I left the industry two years ago, I told my friends that I'll never ever go back. I told them that 8 years is enough and another year would kill me. And now I'm sitting here wondering when would be the perfect time to make my return. I'm gonna owe a lot of people beer. Damn it!


  1. what you feel like is short.maybe what you've been doing so far in bar none and tattoos is just like taking a long can still do your tattoos even though you go back to events.whatever it is all the best n hope you'd be much more successful the 2nd time round if you're plannning to make a comeback.

  2. Yea man. The break has been good though. It sucked walking away back then. I guess it's all good now. Thanks for the support and well wishes. =)

  3. That's an airbrush?? Goodness...


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