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Sex Toys in Singapore

I was doing some research about sex toys online and I found an awesome local site. You're probably asking yourself why in gods name is Noel Desmond Boyd telling the world he is shopping for sex toys. Well, Noel Desmond Boyd has found some really cool sex toys right here in semi-conservative Singapore. And I want to share these sex toys with you!

The government recently announced better incentives to encourage Singaporeans to pro-create. I think Singapore would have better luck if they gave away the following sex toys at the Registry of Marriage...
CyberSkin® Cyber Suck - S$98.75
Specially for women that don't wanna blow their husbands. It ain't right but who am I to judge?! Anyhow, husbands who don't get blow job can now rejoice! Hmm...I wonder what's the bonus in the box...
Hello Kitty - S$49.90
Come on...this is perfect for the typical Singaporean. Remember what happened when Macdonald's launched the stupid Hello Kitty toys??!

Bendi Beaver Vibe Pink - S$198.00
This is probably the mother of all vibrators! It's pink, it rotates and it's shaped like a beaver's tail. Oh wait! It even has a F button!!!

Doraemon Vibrator - S$39.90
This is for the woman that loves to act like some dumb cute bitch! Have you seen a woman that walks around with a soft toy? It makes me wanna puke!

Adam & Eve's Couple Combo - S$49.95
This kit is perfect for foreplay and intercourse. Which my friends, is the perfect combo for making a baby. Included in this combo are a multi-speed clit cuddler, candy-apple red glitter gel and a stretchy silicone cock ring with ticklers.

Super Strap Super Sheet - S$79.30
Perfect for the couples that wanna fuck like porn stars!

Dick & Balls Latex Penis Mask - S$26.85
Ideal for the role playing couple! Now the man of the house can really look like a complete dick!

If you dig any of these products, hop on to SGINTIMATES.COM. Enjoy ya'll!!


  1. that mask is hilarious!!

    i'd pay you to wear it for halloween this year!

  2. Lemme know how Cyber Suck works out for you...

  3. to shyanne: how much you gonna pay baby?!

    to lounge lizard: need the Doraemon dildo shoved UP you know where!

  4. Hey... you tried that? They say, "Never recommend things to others which you've never tried yourself before"!

  5. Dudes, check out They are legit and super cheap. Can't believe they can sell condoms cheaper than ntuc, but they did! My package just got delivered today and the freakin durex is authentic man!


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