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I didn't know what to blog about till I check my blog's statistics on Everyday, I check the number of hit's I'm getting and I give the 'keyword analysis' a good look through. The 'keyword analysis' tells me what people are searching for on the various search engines before they stumble upon my blog.

A lunatic searched for 'when is it okay for a man to manhandle a woman?' and for some strange reason, that lunatic ended up at my blog. I'm asking myself, why in the world would a person search for such a thing???

Is there ever a reason for a guy to hit a girl? Here's what I think about boys/men who hit the opposite sex. They are nothing more than scum! They aren't even a pimple on my dog's ass!

It pisses the shit outta me whenever a female friend tells me that they have been assaulted by their boyfriend or husband. In fact, I've had at least 10 females complain about being hit by a guy in the last eight months. This ain't right my friends.

So girls, the next time a guy hits you, do something about. Either get his sorry ass arrested or get a bunch of male friends to beat the shit outta him. If you don't do anything about it, he'll continue to be a loser in life and he'll hit the next girl he's with. Is that right? No! Think about it...


  1. haha, that's funny!

    i get stats as well, sources that link to my blog etc. but it's not comprehensive. which stats tracker do you use??

  2. I use It's pretty good. What do you use?

  3. Oh ok...give or a try. They are pretty good :)


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