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Tattoo Education: Translations


To those that miss my Tattoo Education posts, I've got good news for you. IT'S BACK!! Though I can't use the material I have on hand, I promise to come up with new stuff that will hopefully be equally informative and educational. Not forgetting ink-teresting! Tattoo Education will be a fortnightly post. So look out for it every other Sunday of the month.

Alright, let's get down to today's post. Imagine yourself in a foreign country and you can't speak the language. You want to get inked but you don't want to make a fool of yourself by mimicking a tattoo artist. Neither do you want to say "erm...you know tattoo? erm...man poke me with needle??".

You get the point right? Well, here are some translations of my favourite word.

Dutch: Tatoeëring

French: Tatouage

German: Tätowierung

Italian: Tatuaggio

Japanese: Irezumi

Malay/Bahasa Indonesia: Tatu

Mandarin: 纹身 (wén shēn)

Maori: Tā moko

Norwegian: Tatovering

Portuguese: Tatuagem

Russian: Татуировка

Samoan: Tatau

Spanish: Tatuaje

Tahitian: Tatau

Tamil: பச்சை குத்தல்