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Tattoo Education: Translations


To those that miss my Tattoo Education posts, I've got good news for you. IT'S BACK!! Though I can't use the material I have on hand, I promise to come up with new stuff that will hopefully be equally informative and educational. Not forgetting ink-teresting! Tattoo Education will be a fortnightly post. So look out for it every other Sunday of the month.

Alright, let's get down to today's post. Imagine yourself in a foreign country and you can't speak the language. You want to get inked but you don't want to make a fool of yourself by mimicking a tattoo artist. Neither do you want to say " know tattoo? poke me with needle??".

You get the point right? Well, here are some translations of my favourite word.

Dutch: Tatoeëring

French: Tatouage

German: Tätowierung

Italian: Tatuaggio

Japanese: Irezumi

Malay/Bahasa Indonesia: Tatu

Mandarin: 纹身 (wén shēn)

Maori: Tā moko

Norwegian: Tatovering

Portuguese: Tatuagem

Russian: Татуировка

Samoan: Tatau

Spanish: Tatuaje

Tahitian: Tatau

Tamil: பச்சை குத்தல்

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