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Samba is coming to Kallang!

It was announced last night that our Singapore national team will play Brazil in a friendly match at the Singapore National Stadium. Yes, the same old stadium which was supposed to have played host to a last soccer match on numerous occasions. Well, the Singapore vs Brazil match will take place on the 28th of July.

Here's the part I don't get. Tickets are from $60 to $120. WHAT IN GODS NAME??! Would I pay 60 bucks to watch Brazil whip Singapore's ass? Hell no! I love this country way too much to even predict the scoreline. 7-1?

Singapore will be up against Ronaldinho, Robinho and Anderson and the rest of the samba boys. I bet if we field those three players I mentioned against 11 of our finest, they'll still beat us!

The Finalized Brazil Olympic Squad for Beijing 2008

Diego Alves, Renan

Marcelo, Ilsinho, Rafinha, Thiago Silva, Alex Silva, Breno

Lucas, Anderson, Hernanes, Ronaldinho, Diego, Thiago Neves

Jo, Robinho, Alexandre Pato, Rafael Sobis

But I have to give credit to our boys. Our national team is improving. In fact, we are a hell lot better now than we were when we won the Tiger cup. Coach Raddy has done an incredible job with the team.

I'll pay good money to watch us play against countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. For now, I'd rather skip the SIN vs BRA match. For those of ya'll that are attending, have a good one aite!

(ps: when will the national stadium truly host it's last game??)

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