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New upcoming weekly post...

Thanks to Conrad, I have a new weekly post for this blog. Called "Noel's SLANG of the Week", we'll all learn a new word or phrase each and every week. These words may be considered vulgar, taboo and may not be suitable for use in everyday life. But who really cares right?! Look out for this brand new post this Friday and every Friday after. Hallelujah!

I'm finally getting my hands on my laptop tomorrow. I was supposed to have received it last week. It's either someone at Singnet screwed up or I misunderstood what was told to me. Anyhow, I'll swing by and collect my new baby before visiting the Science Centre. I can't wait to see Dinosaurs!!!

Changes are gonna be made to my online tattoo boutique. I have my eyes on some really cool tattoo designs that will look amazing on tees, jerseys and the many other merchandise products I have in my inventory. I hope to tidy out the boutique and get everything settled by the end of the month.

I caught DOA: Dead or Alive on Star Movies last week. Being a typical hot bloodied male, I totally digged the movie. Nothing beats four hot babes playing beach volleyball. The fight scenes were pretty darn awesome too! Just in case you are wondering, DOA stars Jaime Pressly, Devon Aoki, Holly Valance, Sarah Carter and Natassia Malthe. It'll be an honor to be beaten up by any one of these hotties!

Alright folks. I'm outta here. I'll post about my Science Centre trip later in the day. Ciaoz!


  1. Thanks for dropping by the SCS (Science Centre Singapore - haha our new brand name. It used to be SSC singapore sci centre)!

    The dinos a bit pathetic hor... But it was great seeing friends at SCS, so work isn't so monotonous... =D

    And i watched DOA in the cinemas long ago. Haha, i used to play DOA on my exbf xbox. Fantastic!!!!

    And and and... i'll try to blog soon. hahaha so lazy again!


  2. Nah...thanks for having us! I loved the dinos babe! I think the one thing you guys need is a good fucking restaurant! A science themed restaurant would rock!

    Hmm, I think I've played DOA on PS2 before. The beach volleyball scene is vaguely familiar.

    I really think you need a hard kick on your behind! Start blogging ASAP!!!


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