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Home cooked dinner.

It's been a bloody long time since I cooked a meal for my darling wife. I used to cook for her everyday when she was expecting Drayden. Today, I decided to cook dinner for her. It's nothing spectacular but it beats the double cheese burger we were gonna order from Macs.

Here's Ann's dinner...

Southern style deep fried chicken with garlic mashed potato and sautéed carrots.


  1. wow. a man that can cook. ur wife is so lucky! my husband cant even boil water. hahahahaha

  2. Hey dude,glad everything is alright now.I got the experience myself a few years back. Damn suay for a few months. Anyway the meal looks tempting. I need to eat something now. Maybe you could open a restaurant in future. The wifey must be grinning. Good to see you back.

  3. to anonymous: Err...You've made me blush like a moron. Grrr...

    to crazyrazormonkey: Oh man...that's messed up! How did you deal with it? I'm really glad it's over. I do know that it can retaliate and stuff. I pray to god that doesn't happen.

    Hmm, it's actually one of my dreams (i have many) to open a restaurant. Probably a steak and seafood joint. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!!

    And yeah, it's awesome to be back!

  4. Shit, one of the new things I wanna try this year is learn how to cook.

    You need a young padawan...

    That's me!

  5. You outta dude! Cooking is fun if you're not the sort that needs everything perfect. Try baking a pizza first babe...

    What the hell is a padawan? Sounds like some cheap sex enhancement pill ;)


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