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A Haunting

I can't go into detail about what went down on Friday night. Mostly because I don't see the need to. But I will try my best to summarize Friday night. A spirit/ghost/thing decided to move into our house. We estimate that it's been around for the past month. Throughout the past month, Ann and my mom have been feeling uneasy. It's like you know someone is watching you but there isn't anyone there. Plus shit has been happening around the house. It's shit that I can't even explain. In addition to all that, my dad has been weak and ill.

So on Friday, I called a friend of mine and he came by the house with another friend. A Buddhist ritual was done and he negotiated with the spirit. Apparently, the spirit was told to leave my house and in return, nothing would be done to it.

Well, the prayers and the blessing of the house worked. The aura of the house feels calmer. My dad woke up on Saturday morning feel much better. My folks dropped by Far East for lunch and my dad was able to walk around like he used to.

I'm sure some who read this would be saying "Ya right!". I ain't gonna try to convince anyone. After all, everyone has their own beliefs. I'm just glad things are back to normal in the Boyd household. Amen!

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