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Science & Charity

All in all, yesterday was an awesome day. I'm blogging from my brand spanking new Acer Aspire! Woooooohooooo!!! I could go on and on about this laptop but Acer isn't paying me a single bloody cent. Let's just talk about the Science Centre...

I've always thought of the Science Centre as a boring place. I last visited the place back in 1995. Thankfully, it's nothing like it was then! I'm proud to say, the Science Centre Singapore has educated me. I now know how a tornado forms, the fundamentals of energy and how newwater is made. Now, if only I studied harder in school, I'd be a god damn scientist!

The dinosaur exhibit was the bomb! I'm a sucker for dinosaurs. I reckon a good number of people think their 'Dinosaur Alive' exhibition sucks. Well, it's not everyday I get to see dinosaurs! Even a tiny little ugly dino would excite me. I'll love to bring back one of their animatronic dinosaurs when they're done with the exhibition but I don't think my neighbours would be too happy. Heh!

Wanna know what's funny? There were these bunch of school boys that were checking out my wife's boobs. Bloody little cock suckers!! One of them even remarked "wah lau" when he laid his dirty small eyes on Ann. I returned the favour by checking out their classmates who were playing at this water exhibit. Teenage girls in uniform getting wet is always a visual treat. Am I right guys?!

Anyhow, thanks to the Munster for giving us tickets and letting us go gaga at her work place! Here are the pictures taken at the Science Centre Singapore...

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Alright, on to a more serious topic. We dropped by Jamiyah Children's Home (Darul Ma'wa) before heading home. We bought some food stuff that we thought the kids and the orphanage would need. It's something we plan to do once a month. These kids at the orphanage really deserve better don't you think? If you have the means to donate clothes and food items to the children of Darul Ma'wa, I wouldn't mind collecting the items and passing it to them next month. I'll put all the items under a name like "Cos we Care" or something. Remember, nothing is ever too small.

Alrighty, I'm gonna go download goodies for my laptop. Take care and thanks for reading. =)


  1. Dude, I'm planning a fundraiser concert with some of the indie bands I work with in Nov.

    Currently, we have a list of children's homes to pass the proceeds to.

    However, I'm not thinking of cash. More in-line with education. You've any thoughts on how we can help them? An idea was to get PCs and internet subscriptions for these kids at the homes.

  2. Hmm, I reckon educational cd-roms would be useful. Or even educational toys. Or ya'll can even get little science kits for the children. They sell these kits at toys r' us.

    If I'm not wrong, most homes do have pc's which they use for classes. The cd-rom's might come in handy.

    Most importantly, anything that can stimulate a kid's mind, is always a good thing.

  3. That's what I'm thinking of. Just dunno wat to get...

  4. books! CD Roms! edu games!

    just go kiddy palace or toys r us...

    books can be used in their reading corners o during story time. get in diff languages if you can.

    CD roms can be used during comp classes to teach them comp skills.

    edu games in class activities.

    if you have the funds, get cheap easels and paints and brushes.
    these homes can use these and build a new painting area.

    painting is a good and safe avenue for kids to express themselves while at the same time have fun. it teaches them how to better manage their emotions.

    not many homes have this, and you guys can help to start it. :)


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