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We love crabs!!

We sure do! But when you spend 8 bloody hours at Sembawang Park on your off day with only one crab to boast, it's fucked up! I will return next Tuesday with vengeance! Grrr....


  1. whatever you do, don't change your profession and go into crabbing okay ;)

  2. VIk: We are going crab fishing!!

    Me: Why is it called crab FISHING, when ur not actually catching fish?

    Vik: Cos it sounds more professional and we ARE professionals.

    Me: I will need proof.

    Vik: We will catch MANY crabs and MMS you pix!

    Me: *still waiting for MMS*

  3. to shyanne: we will do better the next time! fucking crabs are driving me nuts balls!!

    to alyson: but'll be a really cool occupation!!

    to missbitchalot: it was too dark to take pics with my screwed up phone. we'll take lots of pics the next time we catch lots of crabs. that might never happen. but a boy can hope...


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