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Hey all!! My apologies for not blogging since Thursday. Things have been pretty hectic lately. I'm at the tattoo shop from Wednesday to Sunday. When I get home from work, I need to spend whatever time I can with little Dray and Ann. My priorities now are a little different. But I still want /need to blog daily. Blogging will be so much easier if I had a god damn laptop!! I'll be able to blog from the tattoo shop and do more of my web designing work.

An hour ago, I had the chance to chit chat with a regular customer here at the tattoo shop. Looking at this guy, one can never imagine that he almost died in 2001. He was running home from school when he slipped and fell backwards. I've fallen countless times but this guy had one hell of a freak accident! The back of his skull was smashed totally smashed in! The impact of the fall forced his left eyeball out of the damn socket! Ouch!!!

The fall left him in coma for a month and the doctors had to paralyse him from the hip down. He received 100+ stitches on his head. If that isn't enough, he had staples inserted in his scalp too. Fuck that gotta hurt balls! His ordeal has totally changed him and he is a strong believer of Christ now. It's stories like this that totally changes your perspective of life. Life by itself is fragile. It can be taken away from us just like that!

I've got to get back to work... I promise to blog real soon. Take good care and god bless!

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