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It's getting hot in here! Let's take off all your clothes! I think everyone in Singapore should walk around topless and in bikinis. But if you have a beer belly like myself, leave your top on!! Well, Singapore is an island after all right? Bali sees holiday goers clad in board shorts and bikinis. We in Singapore should follow suit.
The temperature today is 32oC (90oF). But it sure feels hotter than that!

We brought Drayden to the clinic to get his hepatitis B jab earlier today. It felt like a freaking furnace the moment we stepped out of the house! Thank goodness the trip to the clinic lasted a mere half an hour. Just in case you're wondering, Drayden did mommy and daddy proud. He didn't cry at all. It was a pretty long needle and from the looks of things, he didn't feel any pain. Way to go son!! I just know he'll get tattooed one day! Yeah baby!!

My thanks to William for the lovely pictures! Finally, Ann, Drayden and I have our first family photo together. The pictures were taken at Drayden's one month party. What's a party without booze right? We had 4 cases of beer, a bottle of Absolut Pears, 3 bottles of red wine and a bottle of whiskey. For some friends and family members, it was their first time seeing Drayden since he was born. Ann's friends and our ex-colleagues came to visit Dray in the afternoon while my friends, neighbours and 'brothers' came by in the evening. All in all, it was an awesome night!

We are still editing the pictures of Dray's one month. The pics will be up on our baby's blog soon!!

Alright...that's about it for now. Later folks!


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