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My little friend...

The Liverpool and Arsenal game this morning was awesome! 6 goals in 90 minutes pretty much sums up a fantastic match. We're one step closer to the finals. Hooray!!

I've been hit by the freaking flu bug AGAIN! It's messed up when your body aches and you just wanna crash. That's exactly how I feel. I'm gonna watch the repeat of American Idol later and pop my flu meds just before I sleep.

Hopefully I wake up feeling better tomorrow. We're all set to continue the tatt session on my left leg. Vik plans on completing the outline work for the green tree frogs, chameleon and dragonflies. Something tells me that pain is gonna be my best friend tomorrow. Damn!!

When you're bored at the tattoo shop, you'll do almost anything to amuse yourself. I made myself a little friend today using a ball of blutack. Say hello to my little friend!!

Lastly, I got myself a pair of new glasses. Needless to say...I can see clearly now! If you know the words to the rest of the song, go right ahead and sing at the top of your voice. While you do that, I'm gonna end this post. Rate This Ink will be up shortly. Happy singing!!!


  1. You got hit by the evil flu bug too eh? Me too! Bleargh!

    Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Damn! Looks like the flu season is about to start. Woke up today feeling even worse. God damn it!!!

    Well, hope you're feeling better babe!


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