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Tatts and THE NEW 91.3

I reckon I'll start a new weekly/monthly post on this blog called 'Tatt Education'. Tatt Education will be like the post I did on the teardrop tattoo. Months ago, I did a whole lot of research for a TV show that well, didn't happen. Months have gone by and I've not heard from the people in-charge. I've given up on the project and I'll use the data I have for this blog.

Tatt Education will interest the tattoo loving for sure. I hope the un-tattooed folks will look at these posts and say..."I've seen that tattoo somewhere!". Tatt Education will start next week!

I strongly feel that tattoo artists aren't given the credit and recognition they deserve. These guys work incredibly hard to ensure that each customer walks away happy. After all, tattoos are for life. It is a fact that good tattoo artists earn lots of money. Some of the top artists here in Singapore take home an average of SGD$10,000 a month. Some of these guys may earn even more. I think you get what I'm trying to say...

Alright...enough about tattoos. Let's talk radio for a bit. For those of you in Singapore, have ya'll heard THE NEW 91.3FM? It's a damn good station. They possibly have the best line-up of radio jocks. From Joe Augustine to Rod Monteiro to Jeremy Ratnam, its an all-star line-up. So if you haven't already tuned in, what are you waiting for???

I've got to drag my wife to KK for her check-up. I'll be back later in the evening with another post. Take good care and god bless!


  1. Great idea on Tatt Education!
    Will be looking forward for more knowledge on tattoo.

  2. i've returned to the blogosphere!

  3. Welcome back sis!!! I knew you'll be back. Was just a matter of time. Will check out the blog soon.

    ps: i know i owe you a sms. i feel shitty for forgetting. :(

  4. U shd get Clarence to get you on radio or something...

    Bring the stuff onto radio instead. Then again, tattoos are a visual thing.

    The countdown begins eh... 5 more days? Let me know when Junior pops! Uncle Willy will be there with Pampers!!!

  5. No la bro...I'm over the project. Somethings aren't meant to be. I should have just stuck with my showbiz retirement. No point getting disappointed time and time again.

    Yea man...5 more days! I'll let you know once little noel pops. Heh heh...


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