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It's the Weekend!

Hey all...I hope you're going well and you're looking forward to the weekend. It's been a pretty long week for me. With the birth of Drayden on Sunday, it's been busy busy busy!

Before Baby D was born, I told myself that certain things have to change. My lifestyle, my attitude towards certain stuff, etc...But man, the moment he popped out of mommy, it changed my perspective of life. Besides all the blood and slime covering the little one, seeing Drayden for the first time was absolutely beautiful!

I've been thinking...Life isn't all about money right? is but let's pretend that it isn't. I wanna do something that helps the community. With this blog, I can help anyone that's looking to promote a product or business. While I can't and won't add banners without some form of monetary exchange, I'll use posts to help anyone out. These posts can either happen once or twice a week. I need to give this more thought. Nonetheless, it'll be awesome if this does materialize.

Alright folks. I'm gonna cut this post short and head to bed. Enjoy the weekend and god bless!

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