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Airbrush Tattoos II

I did these airbrush tattoos yesterday at the tattoo shop. I'm extremely happy with them. I decided to post these pictures just so some of ya'll truly understand what airbrush tattoos are all about. It isn't HENNA!!! Airbrush tattoos are as close as you can get to the real thing. Well, take a look for yourself...

Airbrush Tattoos are available at EZ Tattoo (Far East Plaza #04-10) every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. From 2pm to 7pm.


  1. Hi there. It really depends. If proper care is given to the tattoo, it can last up to 10 or more days.

    It's real easy to maintain the tattoo. After a bath or a swim, apply a good amount of baby powder to the tattoo. This will help the ink sit. Besides that, don't scrub or scratch the tattoo.

    Hmm...we have a website and there's an information page too. Give it a look see when you're free.

    Thanks for dropping by min-tea =)

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  3. hie there.. I'm very much interested abt having a fairy tattoo on my neck... Unfortunately, I'm bounded by religion.. Therefore I can only depend on airbrushed tattoos.. Is there any way I can get one which can look very real (with colours and all) and can last for very long (lets say a month)? In need of your help/suggestion..

    Many Thanks
    Edina Dekker

  4. Hi Edina, thanks for dropping by. Hmm, there aren't any FDA approved inks in the market that can last more than 2 weeks.

    But I doubt the airbrush tattoo can last the 2 week duration on your neck. The neck sees a lot of movement and we perspire a good amount from our necks.

    From my experience, airbrush tattoos on the leg last the longest...


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