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A BIG thank you...

My thanks and love to the doctors and nurses from KK Women's and Children's Hospital. Thank you for giving my wife the best possible care and thank you for delivering our little prince. Senior Staff Nurse Ng Sok Cheng did a fantastic job with Ann. I reckon she's an angel in disguise!

Also, a big thank you to all the friends and family that have visited Ann at the hospital. To those that have sent emails, text messages and messages on Facebook, Inked Nation and Myspace, I'll try to reply to these sweet messages as soon as I can. Not forgetting the lovely folks that have left comments on our blogs. Muaks!!!

I'm bringing Ann and Baby D home later today. It's the start of Ann's 30 day confinement. Mommy and baby D will bond and daddy will do all he can to make sure they are both alright. I have added a slideshow to Baby Boyd's Blog. Check it out when you can...

I'm gonna hit the sack. Later folks!


  1. your baby is so cute! best of luck and take good care of junior.

  2. SO CUTE!!!! eeks. ima wanting to pinch the tembam cheeeeks.

  3. until now i've always thought all babies kinda look the same.

    but drayden has character. i see it already! (:

    congratulations! now, when's the next one due? HAHA!

  4. to from an old friend: thank you dear old friend! rest assured that i'll do everything in my power to protect little Drayden. :)

    to anonymous: hahaha...his cheeks are so damn cute. can't stop kissing the little bugger...

    to shyanne: awww...thanks sis! hmm...not anytime soon. i saw enough blood to last me for quite awhile. heh!

    to lounge lizard: have you been checking out my wife's cheeks??

  5. And I didn't even mention what cheeks! Hahaha...

  6. Congratulations, cuz! Wishing you all much happiness, joy and good health from cloudy Europe....Dirk.

  7. to lounge lizard: I think I know you well enough!!

    to Dirk: Thanks cuz!! Hope all is good in Stockholm. When you visit Singapore next, you'll get to meet Baby D. Heh!

  8. Remind me closer to the 1st month celebration.

    Uncle Willy can burn some CDs for the young man to listen to while listening. All the good stuff like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, etc. and some hiphop, of course!

  9. i want Dr Dre!!
    there's a reason we named him Drayden!

    so he can go to uni, become a doc and pple will call him Dr Dray! hahah!


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