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Gone Baby Shopping!

Wassup everyone?! It's the weekend and I sure hope you're looking forward to it. With the boys coming by my place for a drinking session tomorrow, I bet my ass someone is going home drunk!

We spent the entire day yesterday looking for baby stuff. As much I wanted to blog, I was too freaking tired by the time I got home. We started off the day with Toa Payoh. What's the first thing we saw when we turned into Lorong 1 Toa Payoh? A freaking suicide!! It seems that Block 191 is a popular block for those that wanna be Superman for a day. From what we heard yesterday, someone jumps from that block every few weeks. That's messed up!!

After witnessing that horrific sight, we had lunch (pretty darn good chicken rice). Yeah, we had to eat no matter what we saw. This children wear shop that we found at Toa Payoh is the bomb. We got some stuff from there and a few other shops in the area.

We then went to this huge-ass children's store at Balestier. I have never seen so many baby strollers under one roof! They have over a hundred strollers lined up from the entrance to the rear end of the store. Now that's impressive! We next moved on to Plaza Singapura for a little more shopping. All in all, it was a good shopping trip.

Alright...enough about baby stuff. I know I promised some people that I'll stop slamming people on my blog. But I do wanna say this. There is this S.O.B that pissed me off recently. I treated this guy like family. It takes a lot to piss me off to a point where I would want to beat the crap out of someone. That's exactly what happened! Friends and family have called him a free-loader on many occasions. Well, I've had enough of bullshit! I'm gonna cut off all ties with this piece of crap and I'll keep him away from my family. Arrrgh!!

Ok more angst. Let's think happy thoughts. Guys, visualize a naked Jessica Alba and girls think about a naked Josh Duhamel. Ahhhh....

I've got a question. Where the hell are some of my readers?? I've not heard from the following people for a bloody long time!
Chua (a fellow tattoo lover)

If ya'll continue to go M.I.A, I'm gonna make a missing persons report. Hear me?!!

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I've got to get going. I'm way behind time! I might post later if my airbrush tattoo website is up and running. Enjoy the weekend ya'll!!


  1. hey dude, haha i'm still reading ya kick-ass blog, no worries abt that.

    currently residing in NZ, Uni life just started for me, hence for the lack of comments thus far.

    but everything's more or less settled down, and you'll be hearing more frm me soon!


  2. hey you! was wondering where you went! i considered sending you an email if you didn't reply to this post. heh heh...

    awwwww man...this isn't a kick-ass blog yet. but it sure is ass worthy! hmm...

    you're in NZ? Jerry who reads this blog is in NZ too. or so i think.

    how is NZ treating you? things must be hectic for you. you know what you need to do? get an authentic maori tattoo!

    go talk to people and see what you can get and can't. maori designs run deep in their heritage. the last thing you want is to get a tattoo that's gonna piss them off.

    i have the email address of this guy in NZ that truly understands the maori culture and knows everything about maori tattoos. if you want, i can pass it to you so ya'll can hook up.

    aite...hope to hear from you soon. take care of yourself brother!

  3. tinklebell is here.

    tinklebell is busy.

    but tinklebell still reads your blog.

    because tinklebell is tinklebell :D

    HELLO! how are you?

    i apologise! i've been so swamped with work that it is not even funny.

  4. Tinklebell needs a holiday! I'm sure you'd agree. Heh!

    Other than the stomach flu, I'm good. How are you besides the shit load of work?

    If my memory serves me right, Tinklebell owes me pictures. Hmm...

  5. haahaa...

    tinklebell needs a holiday! tinklebell needs a MAN to whisk her away.
    tinklebell needs many things! :D

    i'm alright. it's the beginning of another work week. so i can't complain much except i have alot of work.

    yes.. tinklebell owes you pictures and tinklebell will pass it to you soon.

    when tinklebell is sane and stops referring herself as another 3rd person.


    take it easy. try loperamide & smecta. [think you can buy it over the counter]. loperamide will stop the runs [take 2 at the very 1st dosage] and smecta will with the gastric gastric feeling.


    ok. tinklebell has to go. bye bye.


    you don't need a man to go on a holiday. i've taken lots of holidays alone. i sometimes find that more enjoying.

    i enjoy doing things at my own time and pace. holidays are meant to be relaxing right? so yeah, i used to travel up to nearby resorts and spend a week or so doing sweet nothing "fuck-all".

    when are the pictures coming my way babes? i so can't wait!

    i am allergic to some meds. the general rule now is that i can't take anything that is aspirin like. i get tiny mosquito looking bites all over my face and body. i came really close to having the worst possible drug reaction last year. that saw me end up in hospital last year.

    hmm...i'll try to get the meds you recommended if i get out of the house today.

    btw...are you on msn?

  7. I was home visiting the family recently and a certain radio host birdie friend of ours told me you got married recently?

    CONGRATULATIONS. And after checking your awesome blog out, it really thrills me to be able to add another congratulations on your upcoming addition to your wonderful family.

    So glad you're doing well! Take care Noel!!!


  8. Wassup Tabitha! It's gotta be Timmy boy! When were you in town? I hope the trip back to Singapore was awesome...

    Thanks for the well wishes babe! Sure glad you like the blog. Come back to this blog more often aite! It always nice to have someone I personally know read this blog...

    We'll keep in touch and take good care of yourself.

    - Noel Boyd


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