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Airbrush Tattoos

My airbrush tattoo website is officially up. We've been experimenting with the layout and colors over the last few days. I love how the site looks now. It's simple and nice I guess.

So guys and girls, do visit The Tattoo Boutique and see for yourself what we're all about. We're available for corporate functions, parties, children events, carnivals, etc... If you know anyone that runs bazaars and exhibitions, we'll love to have a booth!

We need all the help we can get to spread the word. Thanks in advance ya'll!!


  1. hey man!! looks like a freaking brilliant venture! wishing ya all the best in it yeah?

    hope all's well in the Boyd household!


  2. i sure hope it is! *crossing my fingers and toes*

    all is good in the Boyd household. been busy helping my wife in this other new business. yep! another venture. the stuff that ann has come up with is the bomb man!!

    i'll fill you with the details when she's ready to launch her business...

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