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The following blogs are my daily reads. My day wouldn't be complete without dropping by these blogs. You can say it's part of my daily diet. Well, here are the BLOGS...

The Guys From Love Hate / Miami Ink : If you're a fan of Miami Ink, you'll love this blog! Victoria Martinez is the chick behind this blog. I'm constantly amazed with the amount of work she puts into this blog. It ain't easy getting the latest scoop on the Miami Ink boys. Yet alone to do it every single day!

Welcome to my Evil Lair : This blog is by an ex-colleague of mine. As funny as he is in real life, his blog never fails to make me laugh. It's my remedy for those moody days. Deep down inside, Willy is a perverted guy. That's because he's been single for way too long! So ladies, if you're looking for a boyfriend, Willy is just the guy for you. Not cos he's a pervert, but cos he's the nicest bloke walking around Geylang!

Nadnut : Nadia otherwise known as Nadnut, is the bomb! She deserves to be an A-List blogger. Her blog is a fantastic read anytime of the day. She'll be in the Straits Times tomorrow and I'll bet my last dollar that it won't be the last time we'll see her in the papers. She's also a featured blogger on Nuffnang Singapore. Congrats babe! You truly deserve this!!

Everyday Rant & Rave : My neighbour Felicia, is behind this blog. She's a witty chick that loves to bake. She bakes pretty darn well too! We hardly get to meet and drink and smoke by the roadside these days. Yes, that's what we folks in Upper Thomson do! To catch up on her life, I read her blog secretly hoping to find hidden messages. I haven't found any yet but I ain't giving up!

molemole : I came across this blog a month ago. It's been a pretty darn good read thus far. Her blog makes me hungry too! She takes amazing pictures of food. Sometimes, I end up licking my monitor. A recent post has pictures of barbecued food. Instantly, I thought of organizing a good old BBQ. Keep up the good work Diana!

There you have it folks! Those are my fav daily reads. Give these blogs a good read when you're free and who knows, you might become a fan too! I'm outta here!!!


  1. The Snap previews are incredibly annoying and serve no useful function.

  2. Awwww, that's the sweetest thing you've said about me!


  3. to indian stallion: it doesn't??

    to lounge lizard: heh heh... more to come in the future...

  4. to indian stallion: well Bert, I can't please everyone. you might find it annoying, others might find it useful...

    to lounge lizard: brudder! i'll see you on saturday! and yeah, I can be sweet at times. don't get used to it!! and stay the hell away from Geylang!!

  5. Woah! A shameless plug about me by my neighbour!! And I didn't even demand it!! Sneaky Sneaky!

    Buuuut, I am extremely touched! Thank you neighbour!!

    Oh btw, I just baked carrot cake for daddy-o's birthday! Heheh!

  6. to missbitchalot: ain't shameless neighbour! i said it as it is...really miss you babe. hope your back is ok and we'll meet up soon aite! i want erm carrot cake!!!

    to nadnut: heh heh...HELLO NADNUT! it's all from the heart. can't wait to see what's in store in tomorrow's Straits Times. Keep smiling k...

  7. lol. it's just a small blurb! they only asked like 3 - 4 questions. heh

  8. those 3-4 questions are gonna go a long way. think of it as a start of something new...

    you know what? reporters are famous for turning a sentence into a story. did they say if it's gonna be in Life! or the Straits Times itself?

  9. damn, they've just called me. it's moved to tomorrow, life section...

  10. aaaahhh...was looking out for it in the morning. just got back home from a long long day. i'll check out the papers tomorrow :)

  11. Muahaha neighbour, carrot cake is almost all gone!

    And thanks, back is much better now...just went for a follw-up appt yesterday and it's all good!

  12. Damn!! Not even a tiny little piece for your favourite neighbour in the whole wide world??!

    Good to hear your back is doing good. Let's meet up soon aite!


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