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The Wedding Pictures

It's been ONE month since Ann and I got married. These are the pictures from that beautiful day...

A big thank you to Shawaliyah, Felicia, Leon and Leonard Boyd for contributing these lovely pictures. Big hugs to all!

To view the rest of the pictures, click here.


  1. What awesome pictures, Noel! Thanks for sharing. Ann is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. a bit belated, but congrats! ann is beautiful :) u both look great!

  3. to victoria: Thanks Victoria! Glad you came by to take a look. =)

    to daphne maia: Thanks Daphne! She totally glowed on that day. Am gonna pop by your blog in just a bit. See ya!

  4. hey nadnut, haven't heard from you for awhile. thanks for the well wishes and we're glad you like the pictures... *big smile*

  5. congrats!!! i didnt noe till so late now otherwise i would have congratulated u earlier. ;p Lovely wife! make babies make babies!

  6. haha!! thanks q[o_o]p!!
    the make babies part is already done. we've got a baby boy on the way. ann is due in april. heh! guess i couldn't wait. hahahaha...

    btw, I hear Darwin is back in Singapore...

  7. hehe...better late than never!
    thanks again neighbour!


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