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Changes to my blog...

A quick post to let ya'll know of some changes that have been made to this blog. These changes aren't big nor will they affect your life. But, it may make your visit to my blog all the more enjoyable...

1. I have hooked up with Snap Shots to provide a Link Preview for selected links on this blog. These little windows that pop-up when you scroll over a link is to give you the 'Reader' a preview of the many sites I've linked in the sidebar and posts. Think of it as window shopping. If you like what you see in the preview, go right ahead and click the link.

2. I've also hooked with with Shopzilla. Shopzilla is by far the best place for your online shopping needs. I've replaced the advertisements on the right sidebar with tattoo related products. These products have carefully selected by yours truly and I replace some products when necessary. Happy shopping people!

3. If you haven't noticed, Adult Toys and INKEDividual have been added to my weekly posts. Adult Toys showcases the coolest gadgets and toys around while INKEDividual is all about showcasing tattooed people through artistic photography. Together with Rate This Ink and Tattooed n' Hot, I now have 4 weekly posts that you can look forward to.

I hope I didn't leave anything out. If I did, I'll be sure to mention it in the next post. Today is a big day for YOG. I hope Singapore wins the bid. The results are at 7pm and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed till then. If you have bought TOTO, all the best and may you win that big ass amount. HUAT ARRRRR!!

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