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The waiting game @ KK Hospital

The folks at KK Women's and Children's Hospital need a lesson or two about keeping an appointment. It has happened not once, twice but 3 bloody times. We've decided that we're never gonna have another morning appointment again!

Today's appointment with the doctor was scheduled at 10.30am. We got there at 10am, a half hour early, just like the two other occasions. Ann did her detailed scan at 11am. That ain't too bad right? A half hour wait is not a problem. Just as she was done with the scan, she was told that she would have to do another scan. This time, a doctor would have to do the scan cos they couldn't detect the baby's heartbeat. Being new parents, we freaked out! Maybe Ann didn't but I sure did!!

We were made to wait an hour before we got to see the doctor. The second scan was over in minutes. This old female doctor detected the baby's heartbeat within minutes. Wouldn't it be a good idea for all scans to be done by doctors instead of China born hospital staff (we've got no idea what she does. She can't speak English to save her life!!)?!

After the scan, we were told to head downstairs for our second appointment of the day. When we got there, they told us the doctor was out for lunch. So we waited again! After that was settled, we waited again to settle the bill. And we waited at the pharmacy too! We left KK at 4pm. 6 lousy hours at a hospital that was built specially for women and children. WTF! The same hospital that transferred my wife to NUH a few weeks ago because they didn't have an available ICU Maternity Ward. I repeat, A WOMEN'S and CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL.

I know some of you are thinking, "This is what you get for going to a government hospital". My argument is...shouldn't government hospitals be the cream of the crop? After all, we're good at almost everything else right?

Alright, I shan't bitch anymore. If you have a hospital experience you'll like to share, leave a comment below. Ciaoz!


  1. the newly graduated doctors are all assigned to various government hospitals/polyclinics. they are all young and scared shit mainly because they do not have any experience.

    Private hospitals would not hire anyone inexperienced, because for the exhorbitant prices you pay to see a doctor at any of the private hosptials. You expect the best and then some.

    KK hospital is notorious for making people WAIT. In fact, any government hospitals or polyclinics.. they make you WAIT. which can be a pain in the ass. you guys would also have noticed by now that if you were to stick to one particular doctor.. you would have to pay more. and to see a senior consultant [or somewhere along the lines of that] you would have to pay even more.

    Heartbeats in a baby can be tricky at times. It does take an experienced doctor to spot it. Inexperienced ones or even technician [which is probably what the China lady is] can't find it.

    I would suggest delivering at SGH [less pregnant women.. hence more attention paid to them] that's my weird sense of logic there.

    I know it's probably a tad bit too late to recommend a reasonably priced private obgyn doctor.

    However, for your up and coming kids after the 1st born. You might wanna try Dr. Adrian Woodworth. He's merticulous, he's good and he's very very affordable for a private specialist.

    A prenatal package [from the day you are pregnant till you deliver] would probably cost you $600. All scans, an occasional comprehensive blood test, all prenatal medication included.

    When you are about to pop. He will offer you a range of hospitals to choose from and the delivery charges and ward are partially deductable from your Medisave.

    He is basically under the Thomson Women's Clinic family.

    Have fun with your wife's last trimester.

    More fun is coming your way =)

    Congrats once again.

    Do let me know if you need more information about anything else. I'll do my best to help.

    PS : Start looking for a good breast milk pumper thingy. Because when your wife's breasts starts to get all swollen and everything. That would help. And oh, cold cabbage leaves. Especially the frozen ones. These kind of little facts would save heaps of money to the doctor's. =)

  2. That's what I realized at NUH hospital. We had new young doctors seeing to my wife. Funny enough, I like NUH. They gave my wife the best possible care and it was a good experience from start to end.

    The weird thing about these government hospitals and polyclinics is that you get to jump the queue if you're a blood donor. I've got some friends who are regular blood donors and they get priority to see the doctor. I'm actually considering donating blood if it's gonna help my family in the long run.

    Thanks for the heads up on Dr. Adrian. We'll definitely engage his services for our 2nd kid.

    I'm expecting lots with her last trimester. Friends and family have told us their experiences and I'll like to think we're prepared. At least I hope we are. I'm sure this will be a beautiful experience though.

    I've got my eyes set on this breast pump I saw at Takashimaya. It's an electric pump. It's around $300.00. Hmm...what's the cold cabbage leaves for? I'm trying to think of uses for frozen cabbage leaves...

    You sound like an experienced mommy. How many kids do you have?

    Anyhow, thanks for the lovely advice Tinklebell. I hope to hear from you soon... =)

  3. hi there!!

    you can always donate blood.. i didn't know about that. but i just simply think it's just so bizarre. donate blood or not..wait for your turn like everybody do.. what if everyone donates blood? how is the organisation going to prioritize then?? rare blood type goes see the doctor first???? -shrugs-

    anyhow.. here's the thing about breasts engorgement..

    in a nutshell.. Breast engorgement is the painful overfilling of the breasts with milk. This is usually caused by an imbalance between milk supply and infant demand.

    this is a pretty good webpage that gives you a summarize overview about breast engorgements.

    when women suffer from breast engorgement, cabbage leaves is a cheap effective way to help relieve the pain and the swelling of the breasts. this webpage says chilled. i suggest frozen =) it also prevents trips to the doctors.. because your wife would not be given any medication if she decides to breastfeed the baby.

    while she's still in the hospital after birth.. both should not worry about not having milk instantly. it takes the body about 3-5 days before it starts developing milk. also get the staffs or doctors to teach both how to properly latch the baby onto the breast. since you're there. make full use of them. i'm pretty sure they're full of tips. and it's bound to come in handy.

    the reason for have a breast pump is basically because.. constant regular pumping of the breasts will reduce the chances of breast engorgement and also the milk can be kept in the freezer for future consumption [for the baby of course =D] breast pump will also help to regulate the milk production as well. because at times when you feed the baby.. the baby might not completely finish off the milk that's contain in the breasts [i'm sorry. i do not mean to make your wife sound as though she's a cow]

    during the entire experience of breastfeeding.. there are definately times where your baby will not latch onto the breast. it can be frustrating for your wife. don't worry about it. happens. hence the breast pump comes in handy. try to alternate between bottle feeding and breast feeding. helps to wean the baby off breast feeding in the long run.. should your wife decides to head back to the work force.

    here is also another major incentive for your wife. BREAST FEEDING HELPS LOSE WEIGHT TOO! FAST AND EFFECTIVE! =D

    it's miraculous how baby fats will just disappear if the mother breastfeeds for a long period of time.

    nah.. i'm not an experienced mommy. i KNEW that question will come. i am single. very single and do not have any kids. i used to work with Dr. Adrian. Hence i have seen all sorts of pregnant ladies with all sorts of issues.


    and one thing. go for epidural. it's god's answer to pain. =D

    take care =)

  4. Hello again Tinklebell!'re gonna be an excellent mommy one day. You've got all the information you need and I bet you've probably seen it all.

    Blood donors do get priority treatment in Singapore. Regular blood donors get a card which they can use at polyclinics and hospitals. They service they get is a hell lot faster. A good friend of mine loves the attention he gets with his blood donation card. Heh!

    Thanks for the link. Am gonna check it out in a bit...I didn't know cabbage leaves could do that. Wow! I'm gonna tell wifey about it.

    My wife wants to do without the epidural. The thought of a needle in her back is a big turn-off for her. She totally hates injections.

    Thanks for all the information. It's gonna do us a whole lotta good.

    I'm just wondering...have we met before? Somehow, it feels that I know you. Maybe it's a weird vibe...

  5. hi right back at ya.. nah. i hate being a mommy. i have no patience for kids and i do not like the thought of carrying someone around in my tummy for 9 months. i rather adopt. but one step at a time. someone special first! =D

    you can tell your wife that when the pain kicks in. she'll forget about the pain caused by a needle =) but bravo to her! for going ahead without epidural. =)

    nah. we've not met before. i don't know you =). i am just a passerby. i love tattoos. i have tattoos on me personally. it's addictive.. currently planning on my possible 4th one! =) but it's still in the planning stages.

  6. good morning tinklebell! well, that might change in a few years. motherhood might just tempt you. life has a funny way in playing out. never say never....

    let's see how she fairs. it'll be mind blowing if she goes through the birth without epidural. if she can't, she'll be screaming for it. either way, it'll be a sight!

    oh ok...just thought we did. well, thanks for passing by this blog. hopefully you'll stay and enjoy the read. it's rare for someone to leave long comments. it's something that i could get used to. heh!

    you love tattoos? that's totally awesome!!!! what tattoos do you have? what's the next one gonna be like? this is so exciting! it's like being a kid all over again.

    but yeah, tattoos are addictive. i tell this to everyone i chit-chat with about tattoos.

    i've got to figure out how to work this picture gallery. i hate paying for crap that doesn't work. i'll hear from you soon aite!

  7. hi there! =D

    get ready to stand beside her and go through the pain with her. i'm pretty sure she's bound to grip your arm till circulation gets cut off =D

    tattoos are most definately addictive.. not to mention a huge major commitment. i tell whoever has the slightest notion about getting inked that to think carefully before the needle starts to do its work. it's a wonderful experience from the very start you sit down and discuss with your tattoo artist on your designs till you get inked!

    to me it's like attaining nirvana =)

    i'll probably email you some photos of my tattoo soon. the ones i have.. not that nice right now. =)

    will talk to you soon as well.. time for me to head back to work. i do apologise for the long comments.

    hasta pronto!

  8. Hello hello...I'm all prepared to stand by her. She can scratch and bite me. I like pain so it'll be alright.

    i can't agree more that tattoos are a major commitment. some people don't seem to understand that.

    i'm looking forward to the pictures. send them soon aite! you can email the pics to

    i'm gonna nurse my hangover. later babe!


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