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Jeff Dunham

This is the funniest shit ever! Victor Khoo can kiss this fella's ass. I never EVER thought that ventriloquism could be this funny. Jeff Dunham is the bomb!!

There are six characters in his show. I initially wanted to show you guys Achmed the Dead Terrorist. But, some of ya'll might think it's racist. I think it's funny as hell. Besides Achmed, there is Peanut, Walter, Jose the Jalapeno on a stick and Sweet Daddy D. Here is the sixth character, Bubba J!

To view more videos of Jeff Dunham and his friends, click here.


  1. Took ur time to discover him didn't you! Heheh Achmed is THE best, dun like Bubba J much..I posted the Achmed Christmas special on my blog b4...he rocks!!

  2. better late than never right? Achmed is the funniest shit I've seen since Russel Peters.

    you posted it on your blog? i really wanted to. but, i didn't wanna piss off some religions. we all know what that will lead to...

  3. Well many of em muslim friends of mine find Achmed fuckin hilarious!! Heheheh

    Thank God for cool friends! Hahahah

  4.'s seriously the funniest shit ever!!


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