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Condolences and Tattoos...

I’ve been helluva busy the last few days. Its 16 days to the ROM. Its 16 days till this man-whore officially retires. Looks like Don is the only surviving member of this fraternity. Good luck brudder!!

The recent passing of Jimmy aka MC King is really sad. I met him sometime back at a wedding I did. He came across as a genuine guy. That’s a trait that is hard to find in the entertainment industry. It says a whole lot about the guy. My condolences go out to his family, friends, colleagues and fans.

The Miami Ink poll on the right side bar has 20 votes so far. Chris Garver is leading by 9 votes. Darren and Yoji have ZERO votes so far. This poll will last right through January. If things remain the way they are, Garver is gonna win this hands down!

Did any of you watch the first episode of LA Ink? Is it good? Did Kat look fat? Hmm….I heard there are one or two hot chicks on the show. And I ain’t talking about Kat. It seems LA Ink is doing pretty well in the States. Kat has her own legion of fans. A good majority of her fans are in their early teens. Do you know what that means?? We’re gonna have a shit load of teenage girls walking around with tattoos that they’re gonna regret doing in a few years. Happy days!

I apologize about yesterday’s Tattooed N’ Hot post. If you were looking forward to it, I’ll make it up to you next week. It’s been a taxing week looking for wedding rings, meetings with clients, finalizing details for the 22nd, etc… There are tons of women out there with tattoos. It takes a lot of time to run through the pictures and it takes even more time to actually find a woman or man who is tattooed and hot. So, if you think you’re Tattooed N’ Hot, send me a picture of yourself. Or if you have a picture of some hot tattooed babe, send it over as well. The email is

I’m gonna wrap up this post. Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. watched the whole of LA Ink's first season by now, which i got via some, erm, questionable means, but it's all worth it. really not too bad!

    loads of hot babes, you won't be disappointed dude!

    and besides Kat, there's this other female artist that is rather talented as well. you should check it out soon!

    hope all the prep work for the big day is going along smoothly yeah? rem, No Stress! =)

  2. haha...questionable means huh?

    damn!! babes will get my attention any day. looks like i'm gonna watch LA Ink online.

    you know, i can't imagine what couples go through before a big wedding. mine is just a ROM and it's already a headache!

    i need beer and the beach asap!!

  3. thanks you gotta tell your dad. haven't seen him recently. every time I go to the food centre in the evening, he isn't there =(


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