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New Ink Alert!

Well, it isn't really new. We touched up my hammerhead shark. I did this hammerhead shark back in 2003. This retarded self-claimed tattoo artist did a horrible job! The lines weren't straight and the S.O.B went too deep. To the point where I wanted to shove his tattoo gun up his ass. In case you're wondering, I did the hammerhead in Bali.

The boys at E Z Tattoo came to rescue and we're another step closer to completing my right leg. As always, Vik did a kick-ass job!


  1. arh... yes yes looking great there.

  2. the hammerhead looks awesome! definitely not looking like the piece of shaky lines you described in the post. =)

    good luck with the rest of the leg dude! i rem when i got my polynesian half-leg piece done on my right leg as well, hurt like hell the couple of days after, but oh well, all in the name of art eh? =)

  3. to q[o_o]p: thanks babe! got any new tattoos done recently?

    to jona-tat.2: thanks man...its freaking sore. my calf feels like it's really muscular now. heh!

    no pain no gain! that's what I keep telling myself.

    we've got a little more and we'll be done. i wanna see a picture of your tattoo!!!!!


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