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Search for lontong continues...

It's official! East Coast Park Lagoon Food Centre does not have lontong! It's unbelievable that a foodie joint the size of Lagoon Food Centre, does not have a single god damn stall that serves a horribly simple dish made up of rice...

While they didn't have lontong, they had an awesome sandcastle!

The search for lontong continues...


  1. ahemmm.... they used to have la...whats with lontong man? I prefer beehoon soup... the chilli is amazing... simply comfort food... but hard to find a good one. you know of any???

  2. the last time i went to east coast lagoon food centre... was after about 2 weeks of dieting. i decided i could make space for some carbs. after all that time, i ordered mee goreng. but the idiot got mixed up and served nasi goreng instead. i was too hungry and lazy to kick up a fuss about it and have it returned so i just ate it anyway. i hate ikan bilis! and the fried rice had tons of it. argh!

  3. to nekobus: well, not anymore! my mom found lontong near our place. hmm...isn't the chilli for beehoon soup on the side? i cook beehoon soup when i'm sick...

    to shyanne: damn...i would have told him to fuck off. mee doesn't sound anything like nasi! have you satisfied your mee goreng craving?

  4. actually... I was refering to the MEE SOUP or Bee hoon soup from the malay stall la. the chilli is different from the chinese bee hoon soup.. sigh... haa... I some how knew you were going to be disappointed by Lontong.. any way... my favourite prata cafe at thomson close down.. now replaced by some Indonesian rest.. sighh. I miss my nutella prata..

  5. you mean mee soto? bee hoon soto? i'm not too familiar with malay food other than mee rebus and mee siam.

    prata cafe may have closed down but there's Wendy's Spize Hut! You outta swing by one of these days! their chocolate prata rocks!

  6. have you tried Pulau Ubin lontong?hahaa... a long way to go for grub. but some morons drive up to malacca for the food, so what is pulau ubin,yah?

  7. vivo city food republic.
    bedok interchange hawker centre.
    geylang serai area.

  8. untattooed penis: hmm...pulau ubin? I wouldn't mind going up to Ubin. Years back, I had fried rice there. it was kick ass!! which part of Ubin has lontong?

    drunken prawn: bedok interchange sounds good. if the lontong stall is closed, there's always hokkien mee. slurp!

  9. its near the jetty.Pak Ali's the name.

  10. to untattooed penis: thanks for the info. i'll check out ubin soon enough. when was the last time you went there? heard lots have changed on the island. btw, cool nick!

    to shyanne: hmm...let us know when you're around thomson or near enough. can you stomach spicy food?

  11. lol..thanks... not been there a couple of years. maybe go soon again

  12. boy, CAN I?!

    hahahahahha... you betcha.

    eh what happened to ant? MIA only?

  13. to untattooed penis: alamak! if the stall in ubin isn't there anymore how?! hmm...when are you planning on going to Ubin?

    to shyanne: awesome! i love spicy food too. well, ant been busy playing scrabble on facebook and designing outfits on Polyvore. i ain't kidding. she's on it 24/7!!

  14. Hi,

    if you are still looking to try the lontong, the stall by the jetty only sells it on Sundays before 11 am (they have fantastic nasi lemak as well).


  15. thanks man! awesome awesome info! 11am is kinda early but I hope to give it a try real soon. my wife is expecting and she'll kill me if I go without her. heh!

    thanks for the links too. it's making me drool! i'll put the links in one of my upcoming posts soon. thanks again mate =)


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