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Graves & Lamb Chop!

Yesterday, we visited CCK cemetery in the afternoon. Ant visited her mom’s grave and I bet she’s feeling a hell lot better. It’s hard to lose someone as significant like a mother when you’re young. I sure as hell can’t imagine losing my folks. It wasn’t easy for her but she turned out mighty fine.

After visiting her mom’s grave, we swung by my grandparents grave. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before here, I love going to my grandpa’s grave to talk to him. I’ll just sit on his grave and tell him everything that has been happening since the last visit. It’s my way of getting a shit load off my chest.

As well, we stopped by the Silkair memorial to pay our respects. It’s sad that this memorial is placed in the middle of nowhere. From the looks of it, nobody visits this memorial.

Once we were done at the cemetery, we went on a ‘Lontong’ search. It’s all I hear everyday. There are a few things I hear everyday. It’s either egg tarts, lontong, Toblerone or Strawberry Pocky… I attempted to end the bloody lontong cravings yesterday. Much to my dismay, Bukit Batok didn’t have any! It’s a freaking hard dish to find!!

We ended up at Blk 374 Bukit Batok. Two stalls were open and one of them was Do & Me Fried Chicken. We thought what the heck and ordered food from them. My folks had chicken chop, Ant had her salad chicken rice and I had their lamb chop. Those of you that cook would know it isn’t easy to prepare lamb. There’s this aftertaste that’s hard to get rid of if the meat isn’t marinated properly. I call that aftertaste Elephant Shit! That’s the only way I can describe the taste.

Not too long ago, I tried the lamb chops at Botak Jones. It was horrible. I’d been better off eating a plate of elephant dung! Botak Jones is overrated! The food isn’t fantastic (they were awesome at Tuas and Handle Bar) and the service is slow. If one is raving about the serving portions, then they have to ask themselves one question. How much do potatoes and vegetables cost?

Back to Do & Me…the lamb chop rocks!! There wasn’t a darn thing bad about the dish. It was cooked just right and the meat was tender. Ant and my parents enjoyed their meal too. Total damage for 4 meals: $17.00

It’s about time I get something to eat. I’m freaking starving! Looks like we’re gonna go on a lontong search again today! Oh yeah…did I mention I’m Botak again? Hmm…


  1. yeah! doesn't seem that long right? i remember going to the prata cafe after the cemetery...

  2. hmmm... right now.. I hav a major craving for masala chicken, samy's curry, anything spicy....your lamb chops sounds good too. I had no idea thats how one would describe the after taste, I mean how would you know how elephant shit taste like?? heee.. pulling your leg la.. I know what you mean. I dont call it elephant just taste bad to me thats all. seems to me you are always looking for some food..haa :) BOTAK is good too, cooler for even this weather.. but your hair always so short.. not much difference.. except a shiny surface now... HEEEEEEE..HAAAA. I am not really bored at work even though I work alone in my office. I grew up alone so this is nothing new to me...even with 4 other siblings. I wake up really early now... 4.30 or 5am... office mah.. its like that lor.... typing singlish is fun... enjoy your longtong... while i stare at the MAC.... MEOW

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  4. Wow, how time flies!

    Oh and you might wanna try Adam Rd Hawker? If I remember correctly, they have a Lontong stall there..

  5. woooo! good lamb at a kopitiam. such a rare find. thanks for the heads up!

    and my... lontong. best ones are always home cooked, no? you should just try making.

  6. My folks were at Adam Rd last night. There are a few stalls that sell them. Here's a funny thing. I thought lontong was another dish till I ate it yesterday. I seriously thought lontong was gado gado. We learn something new everyday!

    I reckon I'll be better off making a pizza. From what I had yesterday, lontong ain't that nice. isn't filling!

  7. alamak! what to do...i promise a high adrenaline climax the next time I go on a food hunt. heh!

  8. i cannot believe you could mistake gado gado for lontong. DUH!


  9. bleh! my bad...i'm not too familiar with malay dishes. i usually describe them rather than remember their names. most of the time, nobody knows what i'm talking about.


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