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I'm back from Reservist (ICT)

I am back! I’m energized and all set and ready to blog like a moron! I’m officially done with my reservist training and I’m back to being a civilian. Hallelujah!

First things first, I need to say a little something-something about the trishaw incident involving the 3 Brits. It isn’t cool and it isn’t funny. Can you imagine someone doing this to your father? How would you feel? I’ll be pissed as hell!! If these 3 fools were anywhere near me, I’ll kick their ass! I’m pretty damn sure that a whole lot of Singaporeans would join in the ass whooping! I’ve met a good number of Brits and none of them have left a bad impression. Let’s just hope that this doesn’t happen again. Cos if it does, I’ll pity those sons-of-bitches…

Something else in the news has been troubling me as of late. Who the hell in their right mind sues a church? You’ve got to be crazy! Madam Amutha, you’re a bad bad woman! No more Holy Communion for you! Grrr…

Also in the news is Tropical Storm Noel. Didn’t anyone tell you not to mess with Noel? Tropical Storm Noel has claimed at least 118 lives in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. VOA has reported that the storm has strengthened into a hurricane and has sustained winds near 120 kilometers per hour as it moves northeast from the Bahamas towards Bermuda. Mother Nature has been pretty violent of late. My thoughts and prayers to everyone that has been affected by naughty Noel…

On a lighter note, a BIG Thank You to everyone that’s been spreading the word about my online Tattoo Boutique. To those that have purchased items, I’d give you a hug if I could. We’ve been busy brainstorming ideas for upcoming designs. Over the last few days, many more designs (one of them is the picture to your left) have been added for the year end shopping spree madness. I’m absolutely delighted with the new designs and I hope our customers will be too.

I need to get some stuff done for the day. Tattooed N’ Hot will be up as scheduled later today. Till then, enjoy your Saturday!

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