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Gamble Gamble

I reckon there are many Singaporeans that can’t wait for the Integrated Resorts (IR) to open in Sunny Singapore. The way I see it, Singaporeans love to gamble. The queue lines at Singapore Pool outlets have never seen a quiet day.

From what I hear, lots of people are gambling online these days. All you need is a credit card and you’re well on your way to being a high roller! There are loads of online gambling sites that cater to anyone that’s feeling lucky. Pro360 is one fine example of a casino online. It has a good selection of rooms and it caters to almost everyone. From poker to backgammon to the slot machines. They have it all! Slot machines have always been a personal favourite.

I reckon a little gambling here and there is alright. Just as long as you don’t get carried away and you don’t fall into debt. Agree?


  1. ha... I have a feeling people will get carried away with the fun that will soon come. so much enticipation. you are correct about the beehoon soto. 3 things I like about malay food, soto and white nasi goreng with fresh green chilli & small ikan, nasi lemak with good chilli. yummm... BTW.. where is wendy's spize hut??? prata cafe was such a nice hang out better than the opposite so called famous prata shop. my nutella. ha.. will tell fadil about wendy's.. give me location. okie thanks

  2. hell yeah! the chilli has gotta be right! wendy's is off jalan leban. its opposite my place. the food is pretty good. who is fadil?

  3. honestly gambling in proper casinos don't entice me. it's not the money when i "gamble", it's really the company and letting your friends laugh at you when you lose all your money in your wallet.

  4. i agree...gambling with friends is a whole lot more fun. casinos are way too serious for my liking!


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