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Bad food and a Bad Doctor

I’m having food poisoning. Something I ate yesterday isn’t being too nice to my stomach. I started having diarrhea at 9pm yesterday and I’ve seen way too much of the toilet in the last 12 hours. The suspects are cockles (supper on wednesday morning), economy rice (lunch) and vadeh (tea).

I endured as much as I could and finally caved in to the pain at 6am. I headed to a nearby private hospital. I would very much have liked to go to Raffles Hospital but it was too far considering the pain.

When you go to a hospital or clinic, you would expect to be taken care of right? The bastard of a doctor was the total opposite. He was asleep when I got to the hospital. How do I know this? The nurse brought my file into a dark room. Seconds later, the lights were turned on. You’ll know when someone just woke up from their sleep. It’s something we humans have not managed to mask.

Anyhow, when I entered the consultation room, he took a look at my tattoos and asked if I was working today. I have got this shit before with other doctors. My reply was “Do I look like I’m here for an MC??” The bastard sniggered and asked me to lie down. Checked my stomach for less than 5 seconds and said that I’ve got food poisoning. When I asked him what’s the timeline was for food poisoning, his answer was “it depends”.

Now, I could have told myself everything he told me. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s to be judged. So what if I’ve got tattoos that cover my arms. Does it make me a drug addict, criminal or some low life that doesn’t want to go to work??

To assholes like this doctor, FUCK YOU! I’m outta here….


  1. well sorry to hear your bad experience. The nearest is at Bishan St.22 opposite my place (so blessed) ha..but so far all my food poisoning cases are settled in Raffles medical. even if its on sunday in the middle of the night. yes.. a Jab normally is what I request for. works wonders. try it if there is a next time.. hee. as for tattoos.. most people are judgemental. dont blame them, blame society and how the educational system is here. there is not much appreciation for any Artistic creativity. the society deems what fits into that category. sadly but true.

  2. most likely you atre seen by a houseman or junior doctor. do you know they are pressed to work 48 hours non stop for their 1st 3 years of work. so no wonder he/she is sleeping. thi has nearly caused accident in sgh/ttsh/nuh as reported in straits times.

  3. i actually find only one out of every ten doctors caring.

    i get sick often so i see doctors all the time.

    anyway, hope you get better soon. food poisoning sucks. i had it earlier this month and i couldn't eat. what a shitty way to lose weight eh. mine was more vomitting than diarrhea though.

  4. to nekobus: i've been to a 24hr clinic at Bishan. MediHealth if i'm not mistaken. I wanted a jab but the doctor didn't deem it necessary. my stomach feels like a freaking war zone and my ass feels like a SBS bus has rammed it way through!!

    to anonymous: is that right? 48 hours shifts for 3 years isn't funny man...the doctor i saw was in his late thirties though...

    to shyanne: looking on the bright side of things, i'm losing weight! thanks for the well wishes babe!

  5. for your info... at bishan st.22 there are loads of clinics but dont ever try the rest except for raffles medical (infront of main road) and Mr K.K Tan (behind near kopitiam). I have tried all of them... the one you mentioned could be either at Junction 8 area or .... any way... sorry they didnt give you a jab... but you also poor thing... of all things fall sick on PH... its the worse. you better rest well. you have my sympathysssssss... P.S... its losing water ... heee sorry..cant help it.

  6. ahhhh ok...raffles medical will always be reputable clinic. well, falling sick on ph was a bitch. my dad has food poisoning now. i reckon a certain someone needs his stall burnt down!!

  7. no need to burn his stall... just report to health inspection. writting in is best way.. plus you and your dad are proofs /evidence. I think by than... he can only think of where to sell his stall.....

  8. you know what? my mom has food poisoning now. anyone here knows how long the maximum time is before you get food poisoning??


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