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Burial vs Cremation

As the title suggests, this post is about death. Rather, the aftermath of someone’s death. I remember asking my reservist campmates if they would want to be cremated or buried. This was over a good amount of beers and quite frankly, I don’t remember their answers.

There’s a poll at the end of this post. All you need to do is to click your preferred choice. It’s as simple as that!

Well, I would prefer to be buried. I can’t and will not stomach the thought of being burnt to ashes. I know I’ll be dead and I won’t feel a damn thing. But that doesn’t make cremation alright. Cremations can be the hardest thing for a family to go through. The last you see of the coffin is when it’s pushed into a fire pit. I’ve seen my share of cremations and each of them have left a nasty impression.

Since we’re talking about death, I wanna get something off my chest. When I die, I DO NOT want to be dressed in a suit. I repeat, I DO NOT WANT TO BE DRESSED IN A SUIT!! I hate suits and have only worn a suit because of my last job. Never again will I wear a suit. I want to be placed in a coffin in my favourite jeans (Abercrombie boot cut) and a nice t-shirt. Preferably a t-shirt that I have designed (check out my Tattoo Boutique and help me choose one). If you’re blind and someone is reading this blog to you, I’m heavily tattooed and I’m proud to be tattooed. I want my tattoos to be seen while I lay like a jackass in that wooden box!

I’m making this request on my blog because my family reads this blog. My close friends read this blog too. Now, they don’t have a choice but to fulfill my last wish. Woohooooo!

Back to the main objective of this post. A check with NEA shows that cremation in Singapore cost $100.00 while burial at the Chua Chu Kang Christian cemetery cost $940.00. That’s a difference of $840!!! You’ll be happy to know that they accept the following payments: Nets, Cash Card, Cash and Cheque.

For those that are opting to be cremated, niches at any of the 3 government columbaria will cost you $500.00. If you wanna go cheap, get someone to fling your ashes into the ocean!

I’ll end the post with a note from NEA…
Note: With effect from 1 November 1998 , the burial period for all graves will be limited to 15 years. At the end of the 15 years, the graves will be exhumed. For those whose religion permits cremation, the exhumed remains will be cremated and stored in columbaria niches. Where compulsory burial is required due to religious reasons, the remains will be re-buried in smaller individual plots.
Looks like I’m gonna get burnt no matter what! CCB!


  1. eh.. my dear noel.. trust me.. no one wants to get burnt, its horrible, I saw my grandma burn in there when I was 15. I sure didnt like it 1 bit. especially when malaysia have so much freaking land... so why burn..? I also wonder. I am sure you read some where that in Japan there are those who pride in their tattooed skin, and when the person dies.. the skin is auctioned off like some collectabile. what say you?

  2. I would much rather be 6ft under than in a furnace.

    But, looks like our gahmen is hell-bent on all of us burning!

    Oh well, wat are we gonna do eh? I'm sure the Man upstairs would understand!

  3. errr...ain't no one gonna action my skin off. the thought of skinning me when I die is so so wrong! yiaks!!

    the man upstairs is probably thinking his greatest invention is going mad!

  4. i will never be buried and exhumed.

    i think cremation in singapore is the most sound thing to do. except i want my ashes to be thrown out at see. *dramatic stare*

  5. seriously? how are people gonna pay their respects and all if you're somewhere on the seabed?!

  6. well they can go to the beach and have a ball of a time and remember the last time they hung out with me.

    fond rememberance of memories are more meaningful to me than visiting my grave.

  7. i guess that could work. never thought of it that way. if my ashes were ever thrown into the sea, it'll never be in singapore waters. it's so bloody dirty! the Bahamas or Hawaii would be nice....


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