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A shout-out to everyone from Tattoo Extreme (a Taiwanese tattoo magazine)! Tattoo Extreme is huge over there considering the popularity of tattoos in Taiwan. Last week, their chief editor Roxanne, contacted me on and asked if I would be kind enough to contribute to their mag. It seems her team has fallen in love with my tribal cat tattoo. If all goes well, my tattoo will be in their December issue!

Also on tattoos, today’s copy of The New Paper has an article that’s pretty interesting. The New Paper questions if Singapore should have a law that prohibits tattoos under a certain age. As some of you know, I got my first tattoo at the age of 14. Fast forward 15 years and I’ve got a good collection of tattoos which is still growing by the year. I didn’t succumb to peer-pressure nor did any of my classmates have tattoos. Rock music was my influence and it was only a matter of time before I got inked. Should we have an age limit for tattoos? Yes. Why? Too many young punks are getting ink for the sake of getting tattooed. A good number of these teenagers are getting inked because of the secret society gangs they’re in. The only way to put an end to this is to come up with an age limit.

Here’s what I always tell people that ask about my tattoos. Tattoos last forever but removing them would hurt like a bitch!

I’ve decided to start a Public Affiliate Program for my Tattoo Boutique. We need your help to spread the word. I of all people know that nothing is ever done for free (unless you are a really nice person). The Public Affiliate Program aims on rewarding anyone that helps us. More details will be made available on this blog later today.

I’ve got some stuff to do on this wet Monday and I will be back later in the day with another post. Take good care and stay dry!


  1. Happy to know that the kitty kat is finally getting publicity.... so cute of course la.... "KAWAI" you know....

    As for age limit, for now I believe there should be one. Until people are educated about the pros and cons about tattoos. but its always strange here in singapore cause people dont like being responsible for lives. they just push it to the roles of the teachers in school, the government and their work and so forth.

  2. heh! we're gonna re-do the outline of the kitty soon. i reckon it'll be thursday!

  3. oh..... redo???? why need to redo??? is it fading? I am not very tattoo smart...will kitty look thicker?

  4. isn't fading silly. lets just say that kitty will look more refine....


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